From what I keep hearing in the emails that I receive, it’s quite common to be jumping from model to model. And the reason for that is that most of the online methods are CONFUSING.

Well, I have recently started doing something that is very simple and it works very well. And if I was starting from zero online, I know exactly which model I would follow. I would get into eComm, because it’s just so simple. It’s not “get rich quick” easy and requires a little bit of work, but it’s just very clear and straightforward.

You sell something for $20. You get the money. Then you buy it for $2 and get it delivered straight to the buyer who paid you $20. No inventory, no hassles, no delayed cashflow. You get paid upfront.

Watch my review to find out exactly how it works:

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Click Here at 11am US EST Monday the 19th of Oct To Grab This + My Bonus Below

Main Modules Review $37

Before I get into the actual review of eComm Empire, I want to explain to you how simple the eComm model truly is.

eComm is a hot trend right now. I ended up trying it myself about 6 weeks ago, and have only been able to spend around 10 hours on setting up my store, due to other commitments.

My results so far have been very encouraging. I have found 6 products to sell, I am running ads actively to just 1 of these products and I have had 3 days where I exceeded $100 in sales and $40 profits on each of those days. It runs on autopilot, all I have to do is make 3-5 quick purchases a day (take around 10 minutes). Not bad to get paid $40 profit for 10 minutes of work.

Once my store scales up, I will outsource the order fulfilment.

How exactly does it work? Well, you use a site like to find a hot, in-demand product. Here is an example:


You can see there is a dog collar listing on eBay which currently has 94 watches, and has had 344 past sales. This indicates that this item is in-demand, people like it, put on their watch lists and buy it.

What is the opportunity for us? Well, it means that if someone is prepared to pay $2.53 for it on eBay, they will be prepared to pay $10 or $20 for it online. People easily spend money on physical things. Think about yourself. Have you ever walked into a store and dropped $20 on something without even thinking about it? That’s right – physical products are a much easier thing to sell than eBooks and online courses, because they have much higher perceived value.

So here is what you can do: You can create a Shopify store or your self-hosted WordPress store and list this item for $0.99 plus shipping and charge $10 or $15 dollars for shipping, and people will pay you that via Paypal. Once you have received the payment, you go to a site like Ali Express and buy it from there for $2:


And just like that you’ve made a nice profit.

This is how the model works, and this is exactly what I am doing. This is also exactly what is shown inside eComm Empire training course.

The course is organized into 5 modules, with 2-3 videos per module and takes about 1.5 hours to get through:

The content is good and actionable. Bill takes you through the setup of the store, finding products that are in demand, finding where to buy those products cheaply and also how to price them to make sure you can make a good profit.

Then Bill shows you how to drive Facebook traffic to your products, and this is where I really wish they had included a section on retargeting, because I feel that the course would have been much more powerful if they covered retargeting for cheap clicks. But don’t worry – I am recording a custom made bonus for you in which I will cover how you can use retargeting to take this strategy to the next leve.

Overall the course is well structured, well presented and is actionable.

Upgrade 1 – Sourcing Software – $67 – $97

This upgrade is a sourcing software and the price will start at $67 and go to $97 during the launch.

You don’t need the upgrade to make the system work. I am in two minds about this upgrade, because it does have two cool features, but I cannot decide for myself if I would pay $67 for it or not.

Here is what it can do:

#1: Search Multiple Sites: From within the software, you can search three source websites at once: Ali Express, Amazon and eBay. So you can type in “fishing” and search all three using the software, to find fishing products. You can also do it without the software, by opening 3 tabs, with each site in its own tab, so it’s not really very necessary

#2: Save products into favourites: Let’s say you find a product that you think looks cool, but not something you are looking for right now. In the software, you can tick a box to add it to your Favourites so you can come back to it later. Again, you can do it manually by making notes in the Notepad files and saving it on your PC.  So while it’s convenient, it’s not absolutely necessary.

So overall, I feel that this upgrade is optional and if I was on a tight budget I personally wouldn’t get it.

Upgrade 2 – eComm Mastermind – $47

I was unable to review what’s inside the mastermind, because the mastermind will only launch after the product goes live.

Having said that, I do believe that Masterminds are one of the best things you can possibly invest in when you have an online business. It’s very hard to get very lonely and confused when you are sitting by yourself in your room in front of your PC and become stuck with something. If you don’t have anyone to talk to, then you will be likely to quit and try “the next shiny object”.

With a Mastermind, you can go in and ask any questions, share your successes and work through any problems you face. Personally, joining a mastermind in 2014 was key to meeting very important people and my current online success is largely due to me joining a mastermind group in 2014.

So I believe there is large amount of value in this Mastermind upgrade.


I love the model and I am doing this myself, so I know it works. I like the course, it does a good job of explaining the model. One little fault I found was the lack of retargeting training, but I am recording a custom bonus for you explaining how to use retargeting in the eComm model. So this will not be an issue for you.

Click Here at 11am US EST Monday the 19th of Oct To Grab This + My Bonus Below

My Bonus

When you get eCom Empire through my link, you will get my custom made video in which I will explain to you how to use retargeting with the eComm model. It will help you get much cheaper clicks and higher conversions on your traffic.

How To Get The Bonus: please reply to my email and attach your purchase receipt. I will email you the bonus within 24 hours.

Questions or Comments?

I love hearing from you guys! So please just leave me a comment or question in the comments section below.

Good luck to anyone who is trying to win the course!

    16 replies to "The Simplest Way Of Getting $100+ Per Day"

    • Greg Kononenko

      I am here if you have any questions.

    • Theo


      1) how do you get traffic? since it’s physical product, is the traffic cost gonna be more expensive than digital products?

      2) when you buy in aliexpress, do you buy to ship the goods to yourself first then you head it to buyers,…. or do you buy the goods and the aliexpress vendor will ship it to buyers?

      3) should you build list too for this ecom store?

      4) if we are really just tip our toe, should we start in marketplace like ebay, etsy, or our own store? what do you think about squarespace, jimdo, etc?

      sorry asking too much lol, thanks for your time 🙂

    • Greg Kononenko

      Hi Theo, thanks for the comment.

      1) I get traffic from Facebook, and this course shows the same thing. Actually the traffic is cheaper than digital products, because 99% of people trying to make money online are trying to do that while selling stuff to people who are trying to make money online 🙂 So it’s like a crowded house in the digital products niche. Physical products are less crowded and easier to get into

      2) I buy and ask the Ali X seller to send direct to my buyer

      3) I get a list built by default. Actually two lists: those who visit my site (via retargeting pixel) and those who buy (I get to keep their emails). And yes they can then be marketed to for backend profits 🙂 The course doesn’t talk about that though, but it’s a whole separate topic and something you can figure out yourself too

      4) I would just follow the course. It tells you to set up a Shopify store, and that’s a perfectly good solution. You get much higher conversions with it than eBay, and can sell at higher prices, because if someone comes to eBay to your listing, they’ll browse around and find a better deal. If you try to sell a LED dog collar there for $10 they will find another seller selling it for $2. With a shopify store, they are at your store. There is nothing to compare to. They like it and they buy it, nothing distracts them. So that’s why I recommend just sticking to the model, this is a solid course 🙂

      Hope this helps.

    • Tom

      Hi Greg,

      I bought the Social Traffic Alchemy and am digging in and thinking of getting this also. Am in a niche with lots of physical products and was going to use the Alchemy course just to build a list for my main but this seems like a no-brainer. My site involves a very popular sport played around the world by folks with lots of money…

      • Greg Kononenko

        Hi Tom, thanks for your comment. I think I might know which sport you are talking about 🙂 That’s a great niche, and a great niche to use with eComm. You can use the techniques from STA to promote your eComm store for sure – that’s exactly what I am doing, I am running video ads to my store. Works great 🙂

    • Richard


      What is the actual cost you have had to pay to get the FB traffic mentioned in your reply to Theo’s question? Seems to me getting traffic to a Shopify shop or WordPress is absolutely the sink or swim factor in all this.


      • Greg Kononenko

        Hi Richard

        I pay $0.05 – $0.12 per click right now while building a retargeting audience (so that’s from broad interest targeting which is a great cost per click). I need a spare couple of days to set up my retargeting ads, I really hope I get a break from my software work in the next 2-3 weeks to scale the eComm store.
        After I set up retargeting, my CPC to the custom audience should go down to $0.01 – $0.05 per click.

    • jie

      Hey Greg,

      What’s the go with the US bank account, do you really need one?

      I’m from Australia and I did some research about it and the fees associated with having one here could very well eat us alive lol, especially when just starting out.

      I have a PayPal account, could I just use it?

      Any suggestions?

      Thanks Greg

      • Greg Kononenko

        Hi Jie

        You don’t really need one – you only need one if you decide to use Shopify Payments.

        If you use Paypal as the payment option, you can still accept credit cards and paypal payments straight to Paypal.


    • jie

      Hey Greg,
      Thanks for your quick reply.

      So what you are saying is, if I decide to use shopify then I Will need a US bank acc?

      Or can I still use Shopify and just have paypal as a payment method option? as like you said credit card payments can be made through paypal?

      Sorry if it sounds like I’m repeating myself, still new at this lol.

      Cheers mate.

      • Greg Kononenko

        Hey Jie

        You don’t need a US bank account.

        “Shopify Payments” is a type of payment platform, like Paypal. So people can pay with “Paypal” or with “Shopify Payments”.

        You don’t have to have Shopify Payments enabled, you can just run your store with Paypal and you don’t need a US bank account for Paypal.


    • jie

      Thanks Greg,

      I totally get it now 🙂
      This sounds awesome, can’t wait to get started 🙂

    • Sunganani

      So things needed to start this course:
      1. Purchase the course
      2. Enough money to buy the goods from “dropshippers” (for lack of a better term)
      3. FB traffic ads. Would be the realistic budget to start with this?

      Am I missing something else here? Just want to work on the budget for this.

      Thanks for the great review

      • Greg Kononenko

        Hi Sunganani,

        Yes that’s correct.

        Actually you don’t need to buy the goods upfront, because you sell them first, get the money, and only then buy it.

        And regarding FB ads – you can start with a $5 per day budget.

        You will also need around $20 a month for Shopify.


    • Brian Hunter

      Hi Greg,

      I have bought ecom empire through your affiliate link but cannot find your email address to apply for your bonus. You say to reply to your email buit I saw your review on youtube and there is no email address given there.

      Would you please let me have the correct email to apply for your bonus.

      Many thanks….

      • Greg Kononenko

        Hi Brian, just sent to you by email! Cheers.

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