Several aspects have changed since the pandemic, and this is particularly true for various business sectors. Businesses have shifted to new avenues like hybrid work, freelancing, outsourcing, and eCommerce platforms have become more popular than ever. The nature of businesses hasn’t been the only aspect to change. Different skill sets like creative design, writing, and digital industries have also grown in popularity. While these skills have steadily been in demand even prior to the pandemic, the current landscape calls for more growth and development of these sectors in order to keep up with the times. Whether you’re looking to shift career avenues or just looking to add a new skill to your repertoire, here are some of the most popular skills in demand in the new normal.

Graphic Design

The importance of graphic design has seen tremendous growth in the digital era but even more so in the post-pandemic times. Due to the rise of digital marketing and freelance opportunities, graphic design is a vital part of a brand’s online presence. Whether creating posters, infographics, brand logos, and new product releases, a graphic designer can help construct what a brand needs to represent who they are as a business and what makes them different. Since so many business owners have switched to digital marketing platforms versus traditional practices, online advertising continues to fuel the need for new creative designers and multimedia artists. The intersection of creativity and strategic business practices has brought forth numerous successful online campaigns, with many gaining international traction. In the creative field, pursuing graphic design can be highly lucrative when done right.

Data Processing

In the digital world, we live in today, data and technology are at the heart of business online. Companies continually utilize different avenues to obtain accurate consumer or market data in order to improve their overall business. However, data isn’t just limited to consumer trends but also plays a significant role in many businesses’ software and technology in the modern landscape. This has caused a substantial increase in the need for data processors, software developers, analysts, and information tech experts. Instead of hiring a regular employee for their data processing, this is also where outsourcing comes into play. Even internationally, the tech and data industry utilizes standard practices and languages across the board. Because of this somewhat rigid framework, data processing is often outsourced to third parties. Freelancing in the tech field can be incredibly rewarding as the markets demand only continues to increase in the digital times. Online doctoral programs in information technology are also readily available, with numerous universities even offering global competencies. If you’re currently in the tech field, investing in further education or upskilling opens up new doors in the new normal.


Writing is such a vast industry that has only risen in demand over the pandemic. Whether copywriting, email marketing, social media captions, or content writing, written content continues to grow in demand during the new normal. Writing has always been significant in the media and publishing industry, but new writing opportunities are everywhere since the world has shifted into online publications and blogs. Creative writing skills can provide brands with witty social media captions or the perfect email headline that leads to a brand sponsorship. In the digital era where content rules, writers are now more in demand in terms of marketing advertising and even online news publications and eBooks. The great thing about this trend is excellent writing skills aren’t necessarily only developed through education but may also develop due to experience in the field. No matter the field you’re currently in, looking into writing opportunities that fit your current scope of knowledge can be a great source of income.

Customer Service

As several entrepreneurs are starting their own businesses and using the pandemic as a window of opportunity to make their goals come true, customer service is an integral part of the picture. If there’s an industry that remains constant even through the pandemic, it’s customer service. Businesses always need individuals to engage in customer inquiries, transactions, and complaints. They say that a business is more likely to fail without excellent customer service, which is accurate. The ability of a brand to achieve customer satisfaction and retention is behind more than half of its revenue. Meaning to say that customer service skills will continue to be in demand worldwide despite the pandemic. So if you’re someone who enjoys helping other people, can keep your head cool, and likes to interact with people, the customer service industry is always hiring, even more so in the current times.

These are just some of the significant skill sets in play during the new normal. The pandemic has left no stone untouched, and the wide variety of skill sets mentioned above is a shining example of the dynamic changes business sectors are currently experiencing. Whether you’re looking to upskill or shift into a completely new industry altogether, understanding the current market demands can only benefit your current and future professional decisions.