When starting a small business, you will naturally be very excited about the future it can create. However, you will be very aware of the fact that a significant percentage of ventures fail to exist beyond 2-3 years.

Rather than allowing this to introduce doubt to your mind, you should use it as a sign to avoid common pitfalls. Here are five you should look out for, particularly when your venture is in its infancy.

#1. Putting All Your Eggs In One Basket

When launching a business, it’s important to remember that patience is a virtue. This is particularly noteworthy when your company sells a service rather than tangible products. Earning consistent money as a freelancer on the side can be particularly useful during the establishment stages. Not least because it will reduce the amount of pressure on your shoulders. It will also put you in the right frame of mind to diversify the business by creating additional revenue streams.

#2. Letting Admin Get In The Way

Running a business is hard work because you will be expected to juggle many different aspects. Learning to prioritise the tasks that actively drive the company is essential. Sadly, many let admin distract them from their key responsibilities. Finding the best live chat software for small business owners helps you provide client care without the distractions. Automated tools can be used to process payments, manage bills, and handle accounting. They can even alert you when issues surface.

#3. Encountering Unnecessary Expenses

As a business owner, you will have a continued desire to boost your revenue. However, it’s equally crucial to manage your expenses. There’s nothing wrong with spending money in business, but you must not waste it. For starters, you should always negotiate the best deals with suppliers and utility providers. You can also look at ideas like operating from home while using a virtual office address. Avoidable overheads that do not directly enhance your bottom line should be dropped with immediate effect.

#4. Marketing To The Wrong Audience

Whether you’ve launched a B2B or a B2C company, effective marketing will be key. The most common mistake, however, is when businesses try to impress everyone. Finding your niche and building a target customer profile will guide all future campaigns. This can include old school marketing techniques. In turn, you should be able to create effective ads and choose the right media placements for maximum conversions. Once you have won a new customer, though, it’s vital that you reward their loyalty as they can become the key to your future success.

#5. Not Taking Action

Finally, it’s imperative that you take action to make things happen. While careful planning does play a key role in building your business, even the best ideas are pointless without action. It may mean hiring someone to complete an assignment on your behalf or stepping out of your own comfort zone. Either way, learning to avoid the threat of overthinking is a major breakthrough. Besides, a lot of innovations will fail. Becoming comfortable with this and building resilience can make all the difference.

While avoiding common pitfalls won’t guarantee business success, it will put you in a stronger position. Now is the time to take note.