Hi everyone, I’ve been a little quiet last few days, super busy getting ready to quit my job on the 21st of September, and also to release my latest product that’s gonna show you how we made $75 in 24-48 hours.

We have recorded an over-the-shoulder case study. We are walking you through the exact process showing how how we’ve made $75 from scratch, right in front of your eyes.

There is no hype, and no false promises. This is a system that’s working, and we even show you how to get started for $0, and get results like this:

Watch this video or read below to see how you can get a free copy of this course:

Click Here at 11am US EST on August 9th to grab this for $7 Early Bird Discount + My Bonuses Below

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Click Here at 11am US EST on August 9th to grab this for $7 Early Bird Discount + My Bonuses Below

Main modules review

The main course is a step-by-step case study, where we show how we generated $75 from start to finish. It’s a 3-hour training, and we are showing exactly how to get started for $0 upfront, how to see some quick results and profits. After you’ve seen the results, we then show how to scale them up and build a long-term model in this niche by building a list while still profiting.

At over 3 hours of in-depth training, this is the best training that we have released so far. It’s exactly like catching up and sitting with us for 3 hours while we show you how to generate an income.

No BS here, just stuff that truly works.

Upgrade 1 Review ($17)

We provide an EXTRA way of getting traffic at ZERO cost. Imagine the ROI you can get if you combine two powerful traffic sources 🙂 High quality video training on this method, supplemented by a PDF.

We also show how to capture 100% of your traffic by using retargeting, and how to then profit from your retargeting audience. Again, high quality video training plus a PDF.

In addition to this, we are providing a hand-coded exit code script made by Steven Meiracker. It’s not a simple exit pop, this is a really powerful, beautiful intelligent exit script that blurs the background and makes the offer really pop in the visitors’ eyes.

In our testing, it doubles the click throughs to the affiliate and CPA offers, and is a really great way of getting the most out of your traffic.

Upgrade 2 Review ($37)

We are providing two completely done for you niches, which work beautifully with this method. You get pre-researched buying keywords, converting offers, landing pages, giveaway reports, ad headlines and copy, follow up emails.

In addition to all of this, you also get a custom-built viral traffic plugin. You can install it on your WordPress site, give it keywords, and it will go away and find posts that have previously gone viral, based on your keywords. It will then post those posts on your site. And after all this, it will go to your own Social Media pages (like FB etc), and will automatically share those posts.

Guess what? If they have gone viral in the past, they will go viral again. When people start commenting and sharing, you will get more and more people to see those on social media. There will be a link back to your site, and you will be getting traffic. You can then monetize that traffic by having affiliate offers, by retargeting them or by building a list.

My Bonuses

If you decide that you would like to pick up this course, here are the bonuses:

Bonus #1: My previous award winning WSO “CPA List Cash Surge” and all the upsells (Real Money Value $33)

With this Bonus WSO, you will learn exactly how to set up a list building funnel to capture that traffic to your list. And once you have the list, how to then profit from CPA offers.

Bonus #2: My previous WSO which won Deal of the Day “CPA List Loophole” PLUS all of the upsells (Real Money Value $51)

My WSO which will show you exactly how to monetize all of the traffic that you are going to learn to drive. It includes all of the upsells as well, so you will get a complete done for you list building funnel and a ton of other cool stuff 🙂

Bonus #3: My Video List Building Course “Unstoppable List Building Profits”

Inside, I will show you everything I know about list building. It’s a high quality video course, with over 3 hours worth of materials. You will learn all the basics to set up your funnel as well as all of the advanced techniques I use to build a list and profit from it.

Bonus #4: 30 Emails in 2 Niches, with Full PLR Rights

You will get a total of 60 emails with full PLR rights. You can sell them, modify them, use them as is.

Bonus #5: Stunning Collection of 600+ Graphics

You will get access to a stunning collection of 600+ graphics templates. The collection has everything a marketer might need – banners, arrows, sales page graphics, buttons, boxes, icons, mockups, fonts, badges, squeeze pages, and much much more.

Bonus #6: 20 Reports with PLR Rights

20 reports with full PLR rights. The reports are in the Online Marketing niche. You can sell them, modify them, give them away. Anything you want.

Bonus #7: Autopilot Commissions Blueprint + All OTOs (Value: $17)

Learn how to build massive lists in non-IM niches

Bonus #8: Black Belt List Building Secrets + All OTO’s (Value: $17)

Learn how I build extra profitable buyers lists

Bonus #9: Perpetual List Building Profits + All OTO’s (Value: $27)

Build huge lists using clickbanking, with a crazy funnel set up. This is how I built my first 10,000+ list.

Win Your Free Copy


Here are the results of the draw, and you can also watch me do a live draw in this video


    25 replies to "Free Copy of My New Course: Make $75 in 24 Hours"

    • Simeon Philip

      you have gain my confident in your previouse course. The bonuses alone is guarantee to make money. So with this new course plus mouth watering bonuses it is sure money making machine. Count me in.

    • Suren Rao

      Hi Greg,

      I think of you as a guy who delivers more than he promises.I also remember your
      Sunday sessions where you shared your knowledge and insights.
      I haven’t had much success because there is always something which I can’t find the answers. Hope this time things will work out and you are open to answering questions!


    • Nigel

      Hi Greg,

      I bought 2 of your previous course and find them excellent, not only because the content is comprehensive and you ALWAYS give value for money, but also because they are real methods that work in the real world, not, unfortunately as other courses and plans I have purchased that definitely do not.

      kind regards
      Nigel Taylor

    • Celia

      This looks like another great course, Greg! However, don’t put me in the draw as I won a previous one – thanks very much! Good luck with the launch.

    • Rolf A.

      Hi Greg,

      Very nice to see someone so in detail in advance present also the OTOs, that is exemplary!
      Also nice You are not only promoting the email capture ( which 99% of course makers usually only do) way, but also direct linking to offers.
      For me direct linking fits niches i have no interest in, but can earn some good money fast and i leave the e-mail capture option, customer relation care and engagement for niches I like and feel for or maybe have expertise in.

      I get the impression You are a teacher of high quality,honesty and integrity !

      Rolf A.

    • Michael Suchocki

      Hi Greg!

      You always put out a fantastic product and I am a proud owner of several of them. You take the time to actually research the topic before putting together the product and the final training shows how much effort is expended.

      Best of luck with your product launch! Not that you really need it 🙂

      Michael Suchocki

    • Greg Kononenko

      Thanks everyone, I really appreciate the kind words and really happy to hear you’ve enjoyed my past products! I’m looking forward to giving away the free copies – you are all of course in the draw 🙂

    • Yaacov Gafni

      Hi Greg,
      I can’t say much about other products of yours as I have not been lucky enough to purchase or try any of them. From all the comments I see here you are probably “The Real Guy”.

      I am trying to learn how to do CPA and most products I have seen are prety complicated.

      As you are probably “The real Guy” you must have created ” The Real Product”, that is why I would love to get the free copy and probably purchase an OTO.



    • Randy Booth

      I can testify from previous experience, that Greg really knows his *bleep*. I can hardly wait to grab a copy of this wonderful course. If I do get to be one o the fortunate 10%, then I will return the favor and purchase the OTO’s. There are a few items I don’t need, but overall, there seems to be tremendous value not only in the Main offer but the OTO’s as well.

      As expected, another GREAT job Greg! 🙂

    • Fatima

      Hi Greg as a newbie to affiliate marketing I am looking foward to learning from your course looking@ other comments I see you deliver as promised on your grat products

    • Mike

      Hey Greg, this looks fabulous, and as a newby, I look forward to giving you a wonderful testimonial of how well my free copy of your training worked for me 🙂

    • Greg Kononenko

      Thanks everyone! Glad to see so many of you are interested, and I am looking forward to giving away the free copies 🙂

    • Aaron

      i am new to affiliate marketing and need all the help I can get. My website is under construction so it looks like crap right now but I am working on it.

    • Denise

      Hi Greg, Congratulations on being able to quit your job… well done, what an achievement. I love that you have so many positive comments which shows you know what you’re talking about and teaching. The course you have just created looks really good and especially so as you actually show us how it is working for you.
      All the best when you launch it.

    • Antonio

      Greg knows what he does and when he promises, just understand beforehand that no pebbles will appear on your way to reach his promise, not to mention that over-delivering is his ever-present way to heartedly say his customers “Thank you”! Count me in! I´d love winning a free copy!

    • chris

      Hi Greg,

      You’re one of the few IM marketers I follow and trust. Your products have always been top notch and simple instructions.

      Would appreciate a copy and I can even leave a testimonial if needed!

      Thanks and good luck!

    • Benjamin Andrew

      Greg, Congrats on the quit your job date coming up. I wish that for everyone!! I’ve bought your products in the past and have had success with everything I’ve tried. Please pull my name for your giveaway

    • Syed Akram

      I think you’ll become new star in this industry. I’ve following you thru my email and love your generous and sincere attitude. Look fwd for your new product and hopefully you’ll count me as free giveaway client.

    • Piotr

      Hi Greg,
      combined with the first oto- affilliate marketing, looks like a very complete solution: traffic + application to monetize. Looks awesome.

    • Greg Kononenko

      *********** NOW CLOSED *********
      Thank you SO much everyone! Unfortunately the cut-off is here, and the competition is closed. Going to draw the winners now….

    • Christine Muljadi

      Hi Greg, Thanks so much for the free copy of the course. Looks like I need to buy the oto too…:) Great work. It’s so good that this was the first thing I read when I woke up this morning. Really made my day 🙂

      • Greg Kononenko

        Thanks for your comment Christine! Very excited to give it away to you 🙂

    • Owen

      I’m sure this is another great course you have here. I bought CPA list cash surge and Penny traffic cash surge and they were both excellent value. In fact, I already had my opt-in site set up and bought Penny traffic just for the FB ads training on page 59. That was a great experience and I started to build my list using the easily explained pdf.
      You are definitely a very honest marketer and your courses are easy to follow along. I wish you well with this course also. I know I missed the free giveaway as I was away and did not check my computer till this morning, but that does not matter. I wanted to make a comment anyway.

      • Greg Kononenko

        Thanks so much Owen! Really appreciate the kind feedback 🙂

    • adekola olaoye

      dear gregk i got your product snap affiliate profits. i can help but say is a nice product and am about to start my campaign. but will love to ask this question, must i use a domain name any time i want to set up a campaign or can i just use site like bitly.com to shorten the URL link. and if i can use what is the advantage of buying a domain name over bitly link.
      expecting feed back thanks.

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