Hey guys, I want to give away a few free copies of my latest software, Split Social.

Split Social is a WordPress Plugin that allows to create and manage contests and giveaways. When done right, contests are a powerful way to generate massive viral traffic.

My partner on this launch Alex Costan has been driving huge sales on Facebook using contests powered by this same software, and now he’s decided to partner up with us to bring it to public. Here are some of the results Alex is getting by using some easy copy-paste contests (he only changes contest images).


Using this software, setting up and running these contests becomes so easy that you can use this software to drive traffic to virtually anywhere: CPA, T-Shirts, Affiliate Offers, anywhere you like.

Watch this video or read below to see how you can get a FREE COPY of this software:

Click Here at 11am Friday the 29th of Jan To Grab This + My Bonuses Below

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Click Here at 11am Friday the 29th of Jan To Grab This + My Bonuses Below

 Split Social Review ($47 lifetime)

Update: well, unfortunately our original price point didn’t work. Some people don’t like admitting it, but I will. We were too ambitious on the price.

So we have lowered the price to just a simple $47 price. So if by any chance you bought through my link for $97, please send me a support ticket and I will make it right: http://soulweb.freshdesk.com.

Contests are a great way to drive engagement and traffic. We all love a freebie, especially if it’s a quality one, and that’s exactly why Split Social works so well.

We have created a quality plugin with proven results. Our partner Alex Costan has been using contest for the past 18 months to make as much as $25k USD per month from contests, affiliate and CPA offers and t-shirts and now he has decided to release this software.

So how exactly does it work? It allows you to set up contests both on Facebook and outside Facebook, on your own sites.

Contests work in every niche, and with every business model:

  • Internet Marketing, Weight Loss, BodyBuilding, Travel, Parenting, any niche at all
  • Affiliate marketing, CPA, list building, eCom – any niche can benefit from contests

Here is how it works when you set it up on your own site (and here is an example contest page):

  • You decide what you will give away. For example, 30 days worth of bodybuilding supplements, or a cool software, or anything at all suitable to your niche
  • Set up the post with the Split Social Template
  • Use our default images or insert your own custom images
  • Customer will come to your page and Share the post
  • They will then Comment on the post
  • Our plugin has the smarts to Redirect them after Commenting to anywhere you like. You can choose this URL
  • They can be redirected to an affiliate link, an optin page, your sales page – anywhere

As you can see what this does is it triggers a massive wave of traffic. Every time someone shares, they will bring more traffic to your site.

The plugin will also allow you to:

  • Continually split test Post Headlines and continually find the one that performs the best
  • Continually test the contest image and find the one that works the best
  • Automatically pick winners based on likes and comments
  • Pick winners from Pages, Groups and External Websites
  • Edit the actual competition page just like any other page in WordPress

You can also run the contests right from inside the Facebook Timeline. Here is how it would work:

  • Create a post, encourage people to share, comment and like to win the prize
  • You can drive the traffic anywhere via a link inside the post
  • The plugin will allow you to choose the winners automatically based on the criteria you choose (like or comment)

But how do you drive the traffic?

Well, we have got you covered there as well. We will provide you with a comprehensive Facebook Training course to go along with the plugin.

Regular copy of the plugin will be $147 however the early bird special will be $97. We will have a monthly pricing plan too at $47 a month.

Upgrade 1 Review: Agency Licence ($97 and $67 options)

I have covered it in my video, but in summary here is what you will get:

  • Rights to install the plugin to a website belonging to a client of yours, and charge any amount for it
  • Sell contests as a service, and charge any amount for it
  • 20 high converting done for you contest images
  • Advanced Facebook Traffic Training

Upgrade 2 Review: Whitelabel Licence ($147 and $67 options)

You can get the complete rights to Split Social.

If you’ve ever wanted to become a software vendor, this is exactly what you can do.

With the Whitelabel Licence, you can:

  • Sell Split Social for any price that you want: $1 or $97 or $297 or $47 a month
  • You can even give it away for free if you want
  • You will get a DONE FOR YOU SALES PAGE (this alone can cost up to $3k)
  • You will also get our training which will show you how to get started selling software

Click Here at 11am Friday the 29th of Jan To Grab This + My Bonuses Below

My Bonuses

When you pick up Snap Video Profits through my link, you will also get the following bonuses:

Special Bonus #1: 2 x Stunning Infographics Package

To run any contest, you need something to give away. This is a great “bait” because everyone needs cool graphics. So you will be able to easily get leads with this amazing pack.

Special Bonus #2: NewsFeed Library

There are over 400+ Facebook-approved images in this pack. They are PROVEN to drive massive clicks.

Special Bonus #3: CopyBuilder App

This software is currently selling for $97 a month, but yours FREE when you pick it up through my link. It will help you write copy for Facebook Ads, Sales Pages, Headlines, Lead (Squeeze) Pages, Bullet Points, and Videos.

This is a really valuable software that I know you will love.

Click Here at 11am Friday the 29th of Jan To Grab This + My Bonuses Below

How To Get The Bonus:

Please submit a ticket at https://hypetutor.freshdesk.com/support/home – and please put “Attn: Alex – Split Social Bonus” in the subject, and attach the receipt of your proof. We will rush it to you ASAP, generally within 24 hours.

Questions or Comments?

I love hearing from you guys! So please just leave me a comment or question in the comments section below.

Good luck to anyone who is trying to win the course!

    14 replies to "Split Social Review: Viral Traffic From Contests"

    • Greg Kononenko

      I am here if you have any questions at all 🙂

    • sylvester

      This is one of the best software that is out there and will be happy to win it because it what we need now.Good work guys. I will never miss this

    • rr

      Great idea guys, we all need this.

      I want to get a free copy of your latest software, Split Social.

    • Najja

      Is there only 1 template? How flexible is it to modify?

      • Greg Kononenko

        Hi Najja

        There are 5 contest images available along with the Frontend offer. Includes editable PSD’s as well.

        Regarding the actual WordPress template – it uses the standard WordPress editing interface which means that you have full flexibility in how it will look.


    • Ken

      Should have been built to look good on a mobile phone

      • Greg Kononenko

        Hi Ken, thanks for your comment. Yes you are right, it would have been better if there was an option to make pages full responsive. I have passed it on to Alex.
        At the same time, the pages don’t look terrible on mobile, they just looks exactly like they do on a desktop:

        Thanks a lot for your comment though, really appreciate you taking the time.

        • Ken

          I could live with it if it was readable but it is not. Try to read the comments.

          • Greg Kononenko

            Hey Ken. Which phone are you using? I have an iPhone 5s and if I turn it landscape I can read the comments pretty easily.

            I am not arguing against what you are saying – because you are 100% right. I do understand where you’re coming from and agree it would be more readable if something was done in the backend to make text bigger on mobile.

            The software however still produces results… Here is a giveaway we ran for Split Social:


            We got 271 comments and over 30% of the total traffic to that page was from Viral Sharing.

          • Greg Kononenko

            Let’s see if Alex can ask the developer to do something with this in the next week or so.

    • Najja Banks

      Does this work with Twitter and instagram also?

      • Greg Kononenko

        Hi Najja, you won’t be able to run contests on Twitter or Instagram. However if you bring the traffic from Twitter or Instagram to your contest page, then yes you can do it.

    • Steve Kupczyk

      Purchased product.

      Down loaded it.

      Can’t get it to unzip.

      Now what?

      • Greg Kononenko

        HI there Steve, thanks for your comment. You don’t need to Unzip it. There are tutorials over at our site which show what to do – you simply need to upload the Zip file to your WordPress site without unzipping.
        Here are the tutorials: http://my.split.social/member-tutorials/

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