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Social proof and scarcity are some of the most important tools in marketing. When done right, scarcity can help you double or triple your sales, profits, and traffic. I know from experience, because as soon as I implemented scarcity into my marketing, my results went up by 100-200%.

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Use Coupon Code “50off” To Get 50% Off + My Bonus (Only 1st 500 buyers)


Free Copy Winners

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Social Pop Review ($17-29.95)

Social Pop is a cool new software by Sam Bakker from New Zealand, one of the most trusted marketers I have ever met. It is going live on the 24th of November at 11am US EST.

It’s a very new concept. This is a software that places smart little messages on any page and these messages help increase the viewer engagement, get them to take action, motivate them to buy… Basically, this software can help you make more sales and more money.

If you are already doing something (driving traffic, making your own or affiliate sales online), I think you can really increase your results by using this software.

If you are brand new – this software is still one of the tools that I think is very important to get. And as a bonus, my partner Stephen Gilbert and I will conduct a FREE BONUS TRAINING WEBINAR for anyone who gets Social Pop through my link (all details below).

You can easily benefit from Social Pop if you are doing or thinking of doing any of the below:

  • Selling digital or physical products as affiliate or as a vendor
  • Use Clickbank, JVZoo, WarriorPlus, Amazon, and similar sites
  • Doing CPA Marketing
  • Doing eCommerce on Shopify or WooCommerce
  • Selling to the offline market
  • Doing List Building


You can set up a variety of campaigns to convince the visitor to take action. And those campaigns update with REAL-TIME, LIVE stats. You can use fake scarcity too, if you choose to.

For example, you can:

  • Provide live updates when someone buys an affiliate or your own product
  • Provide information on quantity-limited or time-limited bonuses
  • Show how many bonuses or units are left
  • Show social proof: how many people have purchased, how many people are browsing the site

Here is an example of the popups it produces:

Social Pop Review

The logic of the software is that you can create a campaign, and then create single or multiple timed popups within a campaign.

For example, each CPA landing page, or each sales page, or affiliate landing page will be one campaign. Then you add one, or two, or ten or however many popups you want. You can then arrange the popups into a time-based series of events, so you might have the first one appear immediately, then the next one 7 seconds later, then the next one 10 seconds later etc.

Each of the popups is going to lead the customer down an emotional path, with the ultimate goal of them making a purchase decision.

You can also watch the video above for the video example of how it works. And when you guys are reading this review, you will also see a few examples of this social proof popups.


Well, imagine that you are reading an affiliate review, thinking if you should buy a particular product. There is an awesome bonus on offer, and all of a sudden you see a popup saying that only 7 bonuses are left. Then you see another popup 10 seconds later saying someone has just bought a copy. And then you see one more popup saying only 6 bonuses are left…

Do you think this might motivate you to buy? You are seeing the bonuses running our, right in front of your eyes.

The popups can show fictional data, or they can be connected to show REAL data. Even if you’re an affiliate, you can still show how many affiliate bonuses are left, and as soon as someone buys via your link, you can show that one more bonus has just disappeared.


I found the interface nice and clean:

I was able to set up the campaigns without even going through any of the training videos. However, it does come with full video training for anyone who needs to understand how it works.

Here are the templates that are contained in the Frontend review copy that I received. Note that each variable (like live_visitor_count) can be either real, or you can simply make it say a pre-determined value.

(*update: After one of the readers, Charles, pointed out the difference between my review and another that he viewed, I clarified with Sam Bakker that I was given an old style demo account. In the new style accounts, in the Frontend product, only 5 templates will be available: Total visitor count, Total purchase count, Currently X Visitors browsing, This offer expires in (countdown), There are X Products Sold out of X. So the main ones I am interested in are staying)

So with an example of affiliate review page, you could set up a sequence like this:

  • Immediate popup to tell them that only 38 out of 50 bonuses are left
  • 15 seconds later, a popup to tell them that a copy has just been bought, so only 37 bonuses are left
  • 20 seconds later, another popup to tell them that the bonus offer is expiring in 17 minutes
  • 15 seconds later, a popup telling them that one more copy has been bought, so only 36 bonuses are left
  • etc….

You get the picture – this is a tool that can greatly increase conversions.

The feature I like the most though is that you don’t have to set up fake notifications. You can make it show real numbers. So if you really are only offering 50 bonuses, you can make Social Pop show the REAL number of bonuses left, or the REAL number of products bought.

Additionally, there is a WordPress plugin which lets you use Social Pop on your WordPress site. And you can use it on any HTML site as well by just copying and pasting the code.


I always try to provide objective reviews, and here are a couple of things I didn’t love.

First, there is no ability to “clone” the popups. So if I am setting up a campaign with 6 popups which should have a similar design, I have to create each from scratch, choose the font, the background, my photo, font color, etc. It would be much easier for me to clone the popup and then just change the detail I wanted to be different. This is not a major fault though, just takes an extra minute.

Secondly, there is no ability to change the size of the popup, they are predetermined in size, and you can’t do much about it. They seem to grow if you fill them up with more text, but let’s say if I want to make it 600 pixels wide, I don’t have an option of doing that. Again, this is not a major issue.

I have passed the feedback on both of those things to Sam and his team, and they will look to include it as minor enhancements shortly after launch. They are not deal breakers though, the software is very usable.

Upgrade 1: Social Pop Pro ($67-97)

Inside this upgrade, there are a couple  of cool features:

1) Developer Rights – first important feature. You will get access to be able to install the Social Pop script on your clients’ sites. So you can charge them $1, $20, $47 or even $500 for having SociPop on their site.

2) Using Social Pop On External Sites – second important feature. You will be able to use Social Pop on sites that don’t even belong to you. This means you can encode the links to ANY other webpage on the planet and show YOUR pops on any other site. This is cool and can get lots of traffic siphoned off other sites.

3) 10 Additional Colour Templates – so you can get more variety for your pops

4) Advanced Stats and Tracking – there is an additional suite of reporting, but personally I don’t feel it’s a huge part of the upgrade

5) Five additional campaign templates – you will get 5 more types of popups: JVZoo Coupons, number of visitors by city, additional eCom product notification, number of products left, and one more type of live visitor count

You don’t need the upgrade if you are only just starting out. Main version is completely fine.

However if you’re already making an income and would like to expand, then in my opinion, the first 2 features seal the deal (developer rights and using it on external sites).  The other 3 features are ok, but they are just nice to have’s.

Upgrade 2: Social Pop Whitelabel ($67-97)

If you would like to be able to give away, rename and sell Social Pop as your own software, this upgrade is for you.

In my opinion, this is a pretty good deal. Normally Whitelabel rights to software cost $197, this is the standard price these days. Over here, you will get 3 price point options: 20 licences for $67, 50 licences for $87 or 200 licences for $97.

This could be an easy way for you to grab this so you can sell the 200 licences as your own for let’s say $27 each and make $5,400 in revenue, keeping ALL of it.

Pretty good deal at a reasonable price point.

Upgrade 3: 4 Weeks Training + Forum Membership ($47)

I didn’t get a chance to review what is inside, but from the communication with Sam I understand this will give you access to 4 weeks of group coaching and training about how to use Social Pop to get sales. You will also get access to BakkersBoard, which is Sam Bakker’s premium mastermind, where you can share ideas, ask questions, and get help with anything you need.

Use Coupon Code “50off” To Get 50% Off + My Bonus (Only 1st 500 buyers)

My Bonuses

If you grab Social Pop through my link, you will get access to:

BONUS 1: Our no-pitch, content only training webinar.

My partner Stephen Gilbert and I have decided to hold a webinar, where we will teach you our business model, as well as show you how you can use Social Pop to increase your sales. Here is what you will learn on the webinar:

– Our personal business model
– Our secrets to getting traffic and sales
– How we rank our videos and review pages
– How to get traffic to your pages
– How to use Social Pop to add scarcity and increase sales

BONUS 2: The bonus pack provided by the vendor Sam Bakker

Everyone who buys Social Pop will get these bonuses inside the Members Area. Honestly, you don’t even need to read about them. If you buy through ANYONE’s link, you are going to get these bonuses. But here they are anyway:

Vendor bonus if you buy the main product (some pretty useful plugins)

Vendor bonus if you buy OTO1 (these looks pretty good too):

How to Get the Bonuses: after you purchase, watch out for the email from “JVZoo”. Inside, you will find the product access link. When you click that, you’ll be taken to the download area, and my bonuses will be under the bonus area under “Greg Kononenko’s Bonus”.

No Bonus Found? Sometimes there are glitches with JVZoo and bonuses, so just simply reply to the email you get from me. Or just leave a comment here.

Use Coupon Code “50off” To Get 50% Off + My Bonus (Only 1st 500 buyers)

Questions or Comments?

I love hearing from you guys, so please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

    20 replies to "Social Pop Review: Triple Your Profits Instantly"

    • Greg Kononenko

      I am here if you have any questions at all 🙂

    • Joey

      Interesting trick for catching visitor’s attention and increase scarcity. Reminds me of Expedia’s website where they show the total visitors for a deal. Would be nice to have actual numbers, and not just a simulation.

      I would love to try this out!

      • Greg Kononenko

        Hi Joey, thanks for stopping by. You **CAN** have actual numbers. Maybe I didn’t make it very clear in the review, but you definitely can. For example, you can set the maximum bonuses to 30 and it will count down every time someone buys an item, and display REAL values 🙂

    • Csaba

      Hi Greg,

      I’m in to win a copy of Social pop:)

      What I like/think about it:

      – very easy to set it up
      – new way of creating urgency/scarcity, which means that it will work really well now
      – this kind of urgency generation works even if you know that it’s generated by the vendor 🙂 (psychology…)

      How I will use it:

      – just planning now to build up a Shopify store, and I’m planning to create with it scarcity for my “limited number FREE + shipping” type campaigns
      – interesting question “will this work on an Amzon listing???” If yes I will try it on mine.

      cheers 😉

      • Greg Kononenko

        Hi Csaba, thanks for the comment, you’re in the draw!

    • DAVE

      I have a plugin that does what the expedia plugin does and shows how many people are viewing your webpage in real time. This is an interesting alternative to that plugin. Looking forward to it.

      • Greg Kononenko

        Hi Dave, oh cool, what’s the name of that plugin? I wonder if this plugin can show how many bonuses or products are remaining (which is what Social Pop does). Good luck in the draw!

    • Suren Rao

      Wow! Greg yet another eye-popping,head popping software from you guys. Look forward to see it go pop!

      • Greg Kononenko

        Hi Suren, thanks for the comment. Just for clarity – I am not an author for Social Pop, I am just reviewing it 🙂 But yes, agree, great software and good luck!

    • sylvester

      Greg I know this will be great like the others wining a copy is not a bad idea well lets see this time You guys are great

      • Greg Kononenko

        HI Sylvester, thanks for the comment, and good luck in the draw 🙂

    • John Hill

      A great way to create scarcity and remind the readers about it. I’m sure this software will help to make more sales.

      • Greg Kononenko

        Hi John, agree, this is a really nice innovative idea. Good luck and speak soon!

    • barby

      I Great Good to hear that you are on another I am intrested in the give away I think the product will help us in different way

      • Greg Kononenko

        Hi Barby, thanks for stopping by! Great to hear you’re interested, you’re in, good luck, and speak to you soon

    • Henric

      I would definitely like to win a copy as well! 🙂

      I would use it in Shopify to start with.

      I’m looking forward to your Webinar. You always share great content!

      • Greg Kononenko

        Hi Henric, thanks for your comment! Shopify will work great with it. See you on the webinar!

    • Ara

      Hello, Greg. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity. Been spending on products and plugins recently, it would be nice to get something for free for a change 😉

      I’m trying to get a campaign set up as I am currently under a coaching program. It’s still far from completion, but I’m thinking of selling a fixed number of the product at a discounted price before the full price applies. This will come quite handy 🙂

    • Phil

      Hi Greg

      I can see this being very useful on my opt-in pages to increase capture email rates. Look forward to seeing this soon.

    • pikolo

      Its great work and you having the heart to give . You will have more I know stories will change

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