Startups are always going to be the underdog. There’s simply no way of shaking this image because well, you’re small and you can bet your bottom dollar no one has heard of you. This is the mountain that we have chosen to climb and become our own boss, running our own business. But, you’re a customer too, you have to put on both hats of businessman and consumer to make your presence known around the world. That’s the aim anyway, you need to begin with conquering the online world first. We live in a world that has so many wonderful opportunities that you can make your business known to someone in Vietnam while sitting and working out of Canada. You must take on that approach and mindset to the online marketing campaigns you run. If your business is primarily online and you offer services to clients, then you have to introduce yourself everywhere possible and relevant.

Backlinks galore

Directing consumers to your website is one thing but keeping them on long enough to absorb as much information about your business is another task. Using different design techniques is fine, such as various pop-ups, discounts in the header, taking them on a tour of your website by various product image linking. However, one thing you should do is backlink to your website everywhere you possibly can. For example, if you have released a new product then you should include information in the exploration of it, with links that go back to your blog. The backlink to the blog would be for a post that makes your product relevant and shows what kind of uses it could have in a customer’s daily lifestyle. Backlinking to your own website will keep customers on a journey through your online world.

Off page praise

Search engines are looking to promote websites that have a backing of many other websites. For example, if a news website is reporting on your business and they link back to your website in some way, and other websites are also doing the same for their own reasons, then you pop up on the search engine radar. Obviously if you’re getting linked by other websites, that must mean that you have good content to offer, therefore the search engine will plant your website higher up on the search results page. However for this, you need constant upkeep and renewing of your strategy. For this you will require a good SEO company that has effective off page strategies. The company will work to contact other companies and promote your business. They may even give them content to write about, that comes directly from you. For example, a comparison website may be doing their top 5 product list in a category that is a hot topic right now. They want to give their readers some great informative content to keep their website traffic high, and they need companies and products to work with them. This is when off site or off page strategies come in.

One of the most difficult things to do is achieve great presence online when you’re a startup. SEO tactics are incredibly important and always changing in various ways, so you need to get on top of off site strategies.