You already know you should be using Videos in your marketing.

But videos have a HUGE downside. If you have a page about “fitness”, and you drive 1,000 visitors to it, some of them are interested in “weight loss” and some are interested in “building muscle”. How can you ensure that your video effectively converts both groups?

Well… You can’t do that with normal videos. However with Stealth Tube, you can!

Stealth Tube is a new software that allows you to tailor your video to an unlimited number of groups in an interactive manner.

Watch the video below to see how to laser-target your video pitches:

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Click Here at 11am US EST to Lock in Earlybird Pricing and My Bonus


Full review and demo in the video above, but here is a key summary of the features.

Stealth Tube will allow you to create automated, laser-targeted video pitches. It allows you to record video segments and then asks viewers some pre-defined questions.

For example:

  • Are you trying to lose weight or to build muscle?
    • User clicks “lose weight” – they go to the next video chapter specifically tailored to those who want to lose weight
    • User clicks “build muscle” – they go to the video specifically tailored to those who want to gain muscle

And it can go like this an unlimited number of layers deep. Here is a summary of key features:

  • Create laser-targeted video pitches
  • Use other people’s YouTube videos
  • Don’t need to even create your own videos
  • Can also use your own videos if you like
  • Increases conversions and sales in any niche
  • Works for any model – CPA, Affiliate Marketing, eCom, anything you can think of


The pricing starts at $27 for Basic version and $37 for Pro.


OTO1: Video Sales Letter Course $67

OTO2: YouTube Funnel Course $97

Click Here at 11am US EST to Lock in Earlybird Pricing and My Bonus

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