In many ways, running a successful business comes down to nothing more than thinking ahead and doing what you can to prevent potential problems. If you’re able to spot issues before they occur, you can ride those rocky waters without going overboard. You can coach both yourself and your employees on issues before they escalate.

At least, you can until employees go out into the field. When they aren’t in the office, your ability to see problems is obscured. This is especially the case if you send delivery drivers across the country. If someone breaks down hours from your base, your ability to deal with the situation will be impaired.

But, does that mean breakdowns are sure to rock the boat? Not at all. You may not be able to see the navigation screen when you’re driving through these waters, but your skills can still see you through. All you need to do is remember how vital it is to plan. Then, make sure even a breakdown three hours away doesn’t unravel you by turning to the following pointers.

Let drivers know what to do

Remember, planning is essential. That’s why you should train and prep drivers on what to do in a situation like this. Ensure they stick with health and safety by avoiding any repairs themselves. Instead, be clear that they’re to reach a safe place and alert you straight away. That latter part is important. If a driver decides to wait it out or seek repairs where they are, they could end up costing both time and money. Be clear, then, that they need to contact the office as soon as they’re able.

Supply your own repairs

Many companies rely on outside services to repair their trucks. The issue with this is that you don’t know how long your driver will need to wait. It could take hours. What’s more, you’ll have no way to predict a budget for this. A few breakdowns in one month could see you facing lost profit. You’ll also lose money due to delays. Few things rock the boat more than lost profits. With that in mind, it may be better to invest in a service truck like those found at This is a large upfront expense, but it’ll pay for itself. This way, you can dispatch a rescue mission the moment you get a call like this, all for no extra cost.

Have spare delivery trucks to hand

As can be seen from sites like, a plan B is always essential in business, and this situation is no different. Even with in-house repairs, you stand to lose money through missed deliveries. You also risk annoying your customers. Make sure it doesn’t happen by always having a plan B truck to hand. That way, you can dispatch this when you get that call, and ensure those deliveries are only a little late. This is what we call damage limitation, and it’ll ensure those waters smooth out again in no time.