The end of a relationship can be extremely difficult and not only creates an emotional rollercoaster but also brings with it a whole new level of stress. Whilst keeping your affairs close to your heart and under wraps may seem like the best option at the time, dealing with it all can feel like an impossible task, and that is where speaking to divorce solicitors in Guildford can help. Whilst having support from your friends and family can be helpful, having impartial and knowledgeable support to guide you through the process is essential. Whatever questions you may have on the matter, your solicitor will be able to answer and guide you in the right direction. For the cases that head to court, if needed, your solicitor can represent you and help you understand the paperwork that follows. Taking this extra stress off of your shoulders can make all the difference to you during this difficult time.


When the separation or divorce is fresh, the emotions can be raw, leading to cloudy judgement. Agreements about any child care, houses or other issues may need to be sorted out; therefore, a high level of organisation will be required as it can be extremely daunting when first approaching the issue. This is where opening up discussions with a lawyer can help. Although it may be a little nerve-wracking to begin with, preparing a list of questions before the chat with a lawyer can make all the difference. This simple list can prompt you when needed and help you gain a brief understanding of what you are about to face.

An honest approach

Although withholding certain information or bending the truth may be thought to work in your favour, in truth, it will hinder the process and cause complications further down the line. Remaining truthful with your solicitor will help you be prepared for all aspects of the process and enable your lawyer to create an approach to gain the best results possible. It is, therefore, important to understand that during this process, the relationship with your partner will be opened up and many in-depth personal questions may be asked. Whilst this may feel a little invasive, by opening up, you will be giving yourself the best chance in the process ahead.

A lengthy and costly process?

If you want the best chances of resolving any disputes in the marriage amicably, then you should ensure that you have the chance of hiring a good family lawyer and talking to them first. Some people assume that getting the lawyers involved means dragging things to court, but if you’re clear about your intended approach with them, they can also help you set up a mediation a lot more effectively.

When dealing with a separation or divorce, getting it over and done with would be the preferred option. However, whilst this may be the preference, it entirely depends on your circumstances, and a variety of aspects can delay the end result. Agreements with the children involved will always be resolved separately from the divorce; therefore, should the cost of your lawyer be a concern, have a discussion beforehand to understand the fees.

What issues you will get help with

Facing a divorce or separation can open you up to all sorts of difficulties when trying to go your own way. Unfortunately, no separation is the same, so getting generalised advice from others can be somewhat unhelpful to your own situation. If children are involved, then they will always be the priority, as keeping their lives calm and unaffected is a top priority. It may be that the property split is not a simple 50% claim, and help may be needed with the decision. No matter what small or large aspects of your split come under the microscope, your legal team can help guide you in the right direction.