eCom is getting more and more popular. Another one of my friends has just started making over $1k a day with eCom, and I am now switching a lot of my attention to growing my own store which I have been neglecting.

So in my mind, eCom is the simplest way for anyone to get to a stable $100+ daily profit. Best of all, you don’t need inventory, there are no hassles, no delayed cashflow. You get paid upfront, and you don’t have to invest into stock upfront – you get the money first, before paying for the product.

Tomorrow, some of the best eCom training is being released, and I have done my review of the course.

Watch this video to find out exactly how it works:

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Click Here at 10am US EST on Wednesday the 13th of Jan To Secure The Discount + My Bonus Below

Main Modules Review $27 (During Early Bird)

Before I dive into the detail, I need to mention that I am personally doing eCom myself. A significant portion of my income currently comes from eCom.

In truth, I probably should switch more time towards eCom. I am in the process of looking for a full-time office assistant because I don’t have enough time to get everything done. I am already working 40-50 hours a week on my blog and software releases, so I am planning to get my assistant to do the eCom for me when he or she starts.

Now, onto the course.

I have reviewed a few eCom courses recently, and the real reason for why I have decided to review this one is because it has some of the best Facebook training that I have ever seen.

It teaches you the same model that you may have heard of before:

  • Use Shopify
  • Find a hot product (steps shown inside)
  • List it on your site for $0.00 plus $8.95 shipping
  • Set up Facebook ads to get traffic to the Shopify store
  • When you make the $9.95 sale, go to AliExpress and buy the product for $0.55
  • Have AliExpress seller send it direct to the buyer
  • Make the margin between $9.95 and $0.55 = $9.45
  • Take out the Facebook ads costs (typically somewhere between 20% and 50% of your gross revenue)

So all that stuff is standard. It works, it’s correct, it’s what I do myself, and it’s all very good training and model.

But the REAL power of this particular course is in the Facebook Ads training section. That section is pure gold, and I have learnt things that I never ever knew before which are going to help me enormously.

So if you have never done eCom before, this is a pretty great course to start with.

If you have done eCom before, then you can learn some pretty amazing Facebook strategies inside this course.

Additionally, for extra points, the guys cover some other types of products which you can use – higher priced items on which you can make even more money.

Overall the course is well structured, well presented and very actionable. Best of all – I know it works 🙂

Downside: the claim on the sales page says “Fool-Proof Blueprint Shows How You Can Use Facebook Ads + Shopify To Generate $694 In Profit In 24 Short Hours”. I didn’t like this, because it’s not true and never gonna happen. You will NOT make $694 profit in 24 hours. But what you can do is you can set up your first campaign in 24 hours, and possibly even make your first sale if you’re very quick. I almost decided not to review this course because of this claim but the Facebook Ads section inside the course convinced me that it was going to be very useful to anyone who buys.

Upgrade 1 – Case Studies – $67

This upgrade is not necessary, because the main course is so complete. However, if you need a bit of extra help, this upgrade is a high quality collection of 5 case studies of Manny Hanif’s 5 best selling products, what ads he used, what products he sold etc. So basically you can copy and paste or learn from his products.

It can save you 10-20 hours of trial and error so if you divide the cost of the upgrade into 10 or 20, you will get something like $3 – $6 dollars per hour. If you value your time at more than $6 an hour, then this is something you might want to consider.

Upgrade 2 – 4-Week Coaching – $97

Well, I will be honest. I don’t think you should buy it UNLESS you are going to use it.

I offered something similar on my product Social Traffic Alchemy and out of about 70 people who bought this upgrade only about 5 followed through and were asking detailed questions. Another 5 or 10 asked a couple of questions and disappeared. And majority of the buyers never asked a single question.

So this upgrade can be a waste of your money, so don’t buy it UNLESS you feel very strongly that you are going to use it.

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My Bonus

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Bonus 1: List of 20 hot selling products

I will give you a list of 20 hot selling products which I have personally tried out or am going to try out in the near future.


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Click Here at 10am US EST on Wednesday the 13th of Jan To Secure The Discount + My Bonus Below

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