Have you ever heard of “Arbitrage” methods?

They are pretty popular, and provide a pretty easy way for people without own product to make money online.

Here I wanted to summarize the 3 best methods that I have heard about.

Method 1: eBook designs

As you guys know, I am a product creator. I need an ebook or DVD cover for every single product I create. And I don’t care if I pay $5 or $25 as long as the design is good, and the work is high quality.

In fact, on my last 3 launches I have paid $25 just for an ebook design – because I like the final product.

So that means that we have a great opportunity, as there are dozens if not hundreds of products that are being launched every single day.

Here is how to take advantage:

  • Make a list of great ebook designers on Fiverr
  • Order an ebook or dvd course from each of them to check quality
  • Pick the best as your suppliers
  • Approach the product creators in your chosen niche (for example in the MunchEye and Warrior JV Facebook groups)
  • Send them a PM to say “Hey XYZ, my name is Greg, I saw your Product XYZ, looks like a great offer. I have a design company, we make ebook and DVD covers. Here are some samples (links). I wanted to reach out and let you know that I can provide reliable service and quick turnaround time, and the price is only $15 (or $20 or $25). While it’s more expensive that Fiverr, the work is high quality and [insert your service proposition].”
  • You will get some takers, and you can keep the difference

Method 2: Adsense / Cheap Traffic

Ok so here you can exploit cheap Facebook traffic and Adsense income.

Here is the outline:

  • Do some keyword research, pick keywords with volume over 500 a month and EPC of over $5
  • Find some FB pages in that niche, and create ads targeting that interest
  • Get traffic from Facebook for $0.20 – $0.30 per click
  • Drive them into a content post with 3 x Adsense Blocks on it (make sure Adsense Ads are in a very high CPC niche, such as Finance, Mortgages, or even high-paying IM niche keywords)
  • I have personally been getting $0.25 – $0.40 Adsense earnings per click I send to a page with some high paying IM keywords
  • Put retargeting pixel on that page to build a Custom Audience at no cost
  • Make a retargeting ad with $0.10 bid per click to send your traffic to another blog post
  • Now you can still make $0.25 – $0.40 per click with Adsense, but this time you are making a profit

EDIT: I just realised I am not allowed to show Adsense CPC – it’s against their terms of service… But yes if you do some keyword research – you can get very nice EPC of well over $0.25 🙂

As you can see – this is working in 2 cycles. One to break even and build custom audience, second to get very very cheap clicks from the custom audience and then make profit on Adsense.

Method 3: Digital Marketplace Arbitrage

I am just learning this method. My friends Art Flair and Dan Ashendorf have recently sent me some of their notes about what they are doing.

Basically you can find the exact same item in two or more marketplaces with the price difference of 50-100%. So you can find something for $5 in one place and $10 in the other – and both items are selling well (something like a box of Nappies / Diapers). And even $50 and $100 or $500 and $700.

There is actually a ton of money to be made using this method – and if you use your imagination, you can go and start that research right now.

Want To Know More About Method 3?

What I wrote above will work if you do a little bit of research in the digital marketplaces…

However, if you would like to know EXACTLY how this method works and how Dan Ashendorf is making well over $30k a month from it, then…

… Watch out for my email tomorrow the 25th of May 2015 at 10am US EST time.

Dan and Art are making this method public via a report – and when you see their proof, you will be pretty excited 🙂

See you 10am on the 25th!

Let me know what you thought of the methods using the comments below 🙂