People usually only factor in only one thing when they are buying something: the price. But there is a factor that many buyers forget. This is the timing of the purchase. It is surprising since smart buyers have been timing their purchases long before modern commerce started. That is why medieval buyers knew that they should buy in-season fruits and vegetables since they are much lower in price during that time.

That same principle still applies today, in various products. But instead of the seasons, other time factors affect a product’s value. Here are some of the more prominent items out there that be affected by the time factor and how you can use that to your advantage.


Just like produce, car prices can be affected by the seasons. Car manufacturers release new models every year, and this has a knock-on effect on the prices of cars, whether they are new or used. There are several times of the year when it is a great time to buy a car. June and August are when the quarter ends so dealers will want to close a deal to add to their sales reports. You can negotiate a good deal then. Additionally, you should not be buying the hot new car model immediately. Wait a few months for the buzz to die down, along with the price.

Real Estate

Sometimes, early purchasing is a great choice. This is especially notable when it comes to real estate. Most of the time, people will only buy real estate after they inspect everything, and it is fully developed. The problem with this approach is that the property can get pretty expensive.

If you want a good deal, look around for pre-sales. This is usually when a developer sells lots beforehand to fund the development. It is a bit risky, but if the developer has a good reputation, you should gen in on the action. For example, when a known developer is preselling condos, snagging a unit or two can be a good investment. You can profit from it much earlier, too. You can sell the property when it is completed at its current price, which would likely have risen by then.


With the quick pace of technology, electronic devices usually see quick cycling out. There are several release dates every year, so you will generally see a seller trying to sell his old stock at bargain-basement prices to make way for the new hotness. November and December are a great time for sales since the new devices are usually coming out for the holidays. Don’t buy the new models though, since they will likely have higher prices.


If you think you are ready to buy stocks, then there is only one piece of advice when timing your buy. Always buy when the stock is climbing. This means that you know the stock is doing well and will only increase in value. Buying cheap stocks is always a bad idea since you might end up with losing stocks that only lose you money.

Buying at the right moment can be a great advantage to you. The savings alone should be encouragement enough. But when it comes to investments, timing can also mean a big payday in the future. Before you buy anything next time, ensure that it is the best time to buy what you want to get the best deal.