Parker Nirenstein has built a very successful YouTube channel called “Vehicle Virgins”. He has over 400,000 subscribers on YouTube. And he’s adding over 1,000 subscribers PER DAY to his channel.

The results? Well, he’s making well a full time income from YouTube, mainly from ad revenue on his videos. All of that – completely passive. He doesn’t buy traffic. He doesn’t have a website. He doesn’t have an email list.

All he does is 1-2 short videos per week and boom – he’s getting close to 1,000,000 views on many of his videos. Some have had over 6,000,000 views.

Watch this video to learn exactly how he does it:

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Going Live In…

WP Traffic Up Review and Overview

All the details are in the video, but here are the key takeouts:

  • Parker is a 22-year old guy who just finished college
  • While he was in college, he started a YouTube channel “Vehicle Virgins” driving different cars (but this method works in ANY niche – travel, electronics, fishing, camping, really anything)
  • He now has over 400k subscribers on YouTube, makes over $1k a day, and each short video he uploads gets him around 1,000,000 views on average
  • Inside Tube Amplify, there are two things: a course and software
  • The course covers everything you possible might need to know about starting your own passive business using a successful YouTube channel
  • The software makes it easy to uncover new keywords and track the progress of your channel against your competitors. It also helps with finding out which areas of your channel you need to work on in order to catch up to your competitors

So… The big question is – can anyone do it? Or do you need to be into YouTube already?

Based on what I have seen, I would say anyone can do it. I have no doubt that if these techniques are applied consistently, anyone can start seeing some tremendous progress with their YouTube channel.

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Questions or Comments?

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    4 replies to "Tube Amplify Review – 400k Subs From YouTube"

    • gary

      Saw the Vehicle Virgins channel , i think its a bit miss-leading to say anyone can do it.. you still need to produce quality unique real-life content, know how to deliver as well as being expert or talk the lingo in something.

      • Greg Kononenko

        Hi Gary, thanks for the comment. I see where you’re coming from, and I agree if you’re talking about creating a car channel. And so what I mentioned in the video was that anyone can do it in ANY niche – cooking, fishing, camping, electronics, pretty much anything. Each one of us is an expert at something. Or at least we are interested in SOMETHING and we have opinions about those things, so we can do reviews of various products. That’s all that’s required for a channel like that.

        So I have just made a small edit in the text part of the review to reflect that.

    • Gary

      Do you think he could be doing this for extra coverage? as you can get FB or Twitter likes etc for fairly cheap prices.

      • Greg Kononenko

        Hi Gary, I doubt that he’d need to do that. Parker is as legit as they come. He’s the 4th highest paid automotive YouTuber. There is probably no need for him to buy fake followers for his channel. I don’t think he needs them, and I don’t think he’d put his account at risk of getting banned for doing something like that.
        I am quite certain his followers are real, too. I’ve checked him out, he has lots of legit comments on each video. The comments are not automated, I am 100% sure.

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