In life, it always pays to expect the unexpected. Things can be going well, and then out of the blue you can find yourself being hit with a real spell of bad luck- and if that bad luck involves an expensive unexpected bill it can be particularly stressful. If you’ve had a broken down car, or home appliance or a big bill that you can’t pay has landed on your doormat- here’s what you need to do.

Speak to whoever issued the bill

If you explain your situation to the company or person demanding money, you might be able to come to an arrangement that suits you both. This could be delaying payments until your financial situation is better, or it could be making token payments. It could involve setting up a payment plan so you can spread the cost.

Ask loved ones for help

Friends and family are where most of us go when we’re in need of help, and if you’re lucky you might know someone that can help you out. Maybe they can give you a loan, or perhaps they know someone that can fix the broken car, appliance or whatever else that’s costing you money. It’s always worth writing out what the amount is that you owe them and what your payments will be. That way there’s no confusion or arguments that result because of it.

Sell items to raise cash

Most of us have unused items in our homes that can add up to a significant sum. Old mobile phones and tablets, games consoles, games and DVDs all have a market. Even things like broken, scrap or unused jewellery can also sell, so have a rummage around your home and decide what’s no longer useful. Use all the money you raise to bring down the overall expense of what’s costing you.

Rejig your budget

Free up extra money in your budget by cutbacks, get rid of all of the little luxuries that you’re spending on for the time being. These purchases really do add up, think about things like takeaways and coffee shop coffees, Netflix subscriptions, new clothes, alcohol and socialising. If you cut all of these things out for a little while you’ll be able to save the money and pay what you owe more quickly.

Take a loan out

If you need cash upfront, quickly and without any complications of owing friends or family then a payday loan could be your best option. If you have a poor credit score you won’t be approved by mainstream lenders, but payday companies will still often borrow to you so run some quotes through sites online and see if this is an option for you. Just be sure to plan carefully and work out exactly how much you need, the repayments should be something you can comfortably cover until the loan is paid off. Payday loans are exactly that- short term loans to get you to payday so don’t start using them to deal with more long term money issues.