Free traffic is almost impossible, so we all know that the best way to get traffic is to pay for it. But most of us are worried about investing into paid traffic, because there is never a guarantee that it will work and bring sales.

That’s why the best way to learn about paid traffic is to follow someone who is willing to share with you their own results. If you do paid traffic correctly, you can get results just like Mario shows below:


Watch this video to learn how Mario got cheap traffic and leads, while also making $3k in revenue from one experiment:

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Use Coupon “becks” To Get $5 Off + My Bonus

Video Ads Formula Review ($37)

Video Ads Formula is a product by Mario Brown, who is a German-born marketer living in Florida, USA. Being German, he managed to put his German precision into this course, which I personally really enjoyed.

The product teaches how to make money by getting cheap traffic and leads from Facebook using video ads. While the concept of FB Video Ads is not entirely new, the execution and the way that Mario has built his funnel are unique, and I have not seen this method before.

It consists of approximately 35 videos, each ranging from 8 to 15 minutes. So there is a lot of content, and the content is without much fluff. It’s actionable, and is backed up by great case study results like these. Notice the amount of RESULTS modules that he has (actually there are many more inside the course, he has The Results Part 2, and a second Case Study).

video results

In detail, here is what is inside:

– How to create your own high converting FB funnel (FB ads to a landing page to a webinar, while building an email and a retargeting list)

– How to get optin rates of 53% or more

– How to create videos that CONVERT

– How to build a list and make a sales funnel

– How to make sure you profit from paid traffic using a webinar

What I Liked

I really enjoyed quite a few things from this course.

First of all, there are a TON of examples and real results that Mario shares. I haven’t seen a course where a successful marketer gives away so much valuable information about HIS OWN results. The whole course is built around a case study where Mario spent $1,000 in front of our eyes and makes $3,000+ and at the same time builds a large list and a huge retargeting audience. There is no hype, he just shows you what he does to make money, right in front of your eyes.

Secondly, the video ads that Mario teaches are very unique and I believe they will work really well.

Also, the funnel he shows should be very effective. The webinars sell, and they sell extremely well, so any funnel with a webinar in it can make paid traffic profitable.

This is a model that works today, in 2015, and it works very well.

What I Didn’t Like

I think that to beginner marketers, the concept of the webinar could be a little scary. I have messaged Mario about this, and he assured me that one of the bonuses offered with this product is a live coaching call with him, which will also be recorded. On that call, Mario will explain everything that you would need to do in order to either create your own successful webinar, or to find someone else’s webinar that will convert.

In any case, I don’t think it’s a major drawback of the course. The strategies Mario shows will work in any niche and whatever model you follow, even if you decide that webinars are not for you. So if you decide to just build a list and NOT make webinar sales, you can still learn a lot of valuable information about FB traffic in this course.

My Bonus

As you know, I only provide highly relevant, targeted bonuses (and not some PLR garbage). So… If you grab this through my link, I will provide you with a custom made bonus:


In this custom-made video, I am taking you through some of the cool FB Insights secrets that I have learnt. This will work perfectly with Mario’s course, because I am showing you techniques which can improve your results by 30-50% (my estimate), just by doing the interest targeting slightly differently.

I am exposing techniques that have been working VERY well for me so you can learn them too.

How to Get the Bonuses: after you purchase, watch out for the email from “JVZoo”. Inside, you will find the product access link. When you click that, you’ll be taken to the download area, and my bonuses will be under the bonus area under “Greg Kononenko’s Bonus”.

No Bonus Found? Sometimes there are glitches with JVZoo and bonuses, so just simply reply to the email you get from me. Or just leave a comment here.

Use Coupon “becks” To Get $5 Off + My Bonus

Questions or Comments?

I love hearing from you guys, so please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

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      Hi Greg,

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      Also if you don’t mind can you please tell me which theme converts. I have looked at shopify themes of other stores but it’s really hard to decide which one to start with. What theme do you use?

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