Hey guys, today I am doing a review of Video Bookmarker.

What exactly is it and how does it work? It’s a software that allows you to get Page 1 rankings for your YouTube videos and blog posts. It will help you get Page 1 rankings by automatically building high quality backlinks on authority bookmarking sites.

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The major thing that most people struggle with is traffic. And Video Bookmarker is in a unique position to solve this problem by taking advantage of the fact that Google loves YouTube videos. The reason for that is simple – Google owns YouTube, so if they send visitors from Google to YouTube, they “retain” that traffic and make more money from the visitors clicking and viewing ads.

Google is the largest search engine and one of the major reasons it decides to display a result on the front page of Google is by looking at how many backlinks a particular piece of content has. So Video Bookmarker can leverage both of those things: it can help you build more links to your YouTube video. And if you make a YouTube video in a niche that has relatively low competition, and build lots of links to it, then you have a huge chance of ranking on the 1st page of Google and getting free traffic.

Firstly, let me show you that ranking videos really is possible, and it’s also possible to make money doing it. I have only been doing videos for a few months, but I am getting some great results with videos already, without even trying hard:

As you can see, I have already gained 74 subscribers on YouTube, without doing anything but simply uploading videos to YouTube. I upload product review videos, and people find me through YouTube and Google searches, and then watch my videos and buy the products through my links. I get emails and messages from people saying “I have seen your review on YouTube”.

What does all of this mean? If you have affiliate review videos out there, they will continue to bring you commissions every single day, on autopilot. I am getting sales every single day because of those videos that I have put out. I am getting these results WITHOUT doing much backlinking, I only build 2-3 links to each video, and to some of them I don’t build links at all. So imagine what I will be able to do after I start implementing the backlinking with this tool which I am going to purchase.

More backlinks = higher ranking in Google = more traffic to any offer that you want to promote. It also means that you can get residual commissions from affiliate promotions which will continue to come in for weeks and months after you have put the video on YouTube.

Software Overview

I have recorded a demo video showing the main features of the tool, and you can watch it above. Overall, the software performs really well.

It has two main components: account creation and link building.

The standard version of the software comes with 500+ bookmarking site accounts. You can create a profile, and the software will go ahead and creation accounts at each of those 500+ sites. I tried it with 100 sites, and it took approximately 5-7 minutes (I didn’t time it exactly). Best of all, you can create many profiles, so if you create 10 profiles and ask for accounts on 500 siutes, it will go ahead and create 5,000 accounts for you (10 profiles x 500 sites).

Once you have got your accounts set up, you can start building the links. The interface is fairly straightforward, and you can enter the details such as the Video or Blog URL to which you can build links. This can be any type of content, not necessarily video or blog (even though I recommend you build links to a YouTube video because it’s the easiest piece of content to rank). You can take advantage of the in-built spinner and you can also build links to more than one video at a time.

The actual link submission process is fast. To submit 100 links only took about 60 seconds.

The price will start at $37 and will increase throughout the launch to $67.


I did find a couple of negative aspects as well: first of all, the interface doesn’t look very fresh. It does remind me of the programs from 2004, and could do with a bit of refresh to make it feel like we are actually in 2015. That doesn’t take away from the functionality though, because everything seemed to work.

Second negative is that the best way to use the software is to use the Decaptcher account. If you are not familiar with it, it’s the distorted letters and numbers that you need to enter for security. The software will try to automatically recognize it for you, and the best way to increase the success rate is by using a Decaptcher account. It’s a specialized site that lets you do that, and you can connect to it from within the Video Bookmarker software, however it is a paid service. It is very cheap though, and if you put $5 into that account, it should last you a very long time.

Again, Decaptcher is not a huge deal, but it does mean you need to open a Decaptcher account and fund it with a small payment around $5.

Lastly, it’s a desktop program, meaning you will need to install it on your computer. It’s not a huge deal, but given the trend is now towards web-based programs it does feel a little strange to have to actually install something.


The software fulfills the primary task of opening social accounts and building bookmarking links.

It’s fast, does the job pretty well and I have no doubt that it will help dramatically increase video rankings.

There are a lot of advanced options with which I haven’t had a chance to experiment yet, but they all do look very promising: ability to “ping” the links so you get faster link recognition, advanced stats which will show you how many links are live to each video.

You can schedule the links to be gradually built over many days rather than all at once. And you also get a selection of description spinning tools so that you can vary the description of the bookmarks to get even more links.


How do I personally feel about it? I will be buying this tool myself because I need to drive even more video traffic, and I have been held back by the fact that it’s so time consuming to build links. With this software, I can simply fire it up and let it do the job instead of me.

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My Bonus

If you pick it up through my link, I am providing a few bonuses.

Bonus #1: My custom-made video about my video review marketing techniques

On Saturday the 31st of October I am going to record a video which will explain exactly how I find the products to promote, how I then record the video reviews for them and how I then put them on my blog. I will also cover what I put into the video descriptions so that the videos get ranked and get traffic.

This is a strategy that will work perfectly with the Video Bookmarker software because this tool will give you the ability to rank those videos, and I will show you exactly which videos you need to make and how to make them. If you combine the two together, you will be able to make and rank videos that will bring you commissions.

Bonus #2: The package by the vendor

I don’t like to overwhelm you with bonuses, but since this is a package given to all affiliates, I will of course provide it to you as well

HOW TO GET YOUR BONUSafter you have purchased the product, please reply to my email and send me the reciept, and I will send you the bonus back before the end of Saturday the 31st of October (unfortunately won’t have a chance to record the video any earlier).

Questions or Comments?

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