Video marketing is one in a long line of resources that have been released in the past ten years. From SEO to PPC and eCommerce, it’s difficult to keep up with the latest advancements. More than that, it’s hard to tell which release is here to stay and which one is going to be a flash in pan. Video marketing is definitely in the former category at this moment in time.

Compared to the written word, video content has taken over as the king of content. People want flashy, engaging and interactive material nowadays thanks to YouTube. And, the social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter are catching on, too. Add to this the fact that Instagram is the probably the most popular platform now, and it’s not hard to see why video marketing is important.

Investing in the revolution isn’t all it takes to be successful. A video is creative and innovative, and your products have to reflect this fact. Plus, marketing saturation is at an all-time high making it difficult to stand out from the crowd. Oh, and don’t forget that you’re a bit of a novice. If creating current content has you at a loss, don’t worry because there are seven options at your disposal and you can find them underneath.

Create An Overview Of The Company

One of the amazing things about video is that it’s inclusive. With written articles, readers struggle to see the men and women behind the mask. All they consume are the words and nothing else, which is fine but leaves a lot to be desired. After all, the company will want individuals to feel as if though they can relate. Otherwise, the brand loses quite a lot of its personal touch. By developing videos that share the business’s goals, as well introduce employees, it’s easier to connect with consumers. For example, a basic introduction will put a name to a face and instantly increase trust between customers and the brand. To take it one step further, you can also share reviews and testimonials from previous shoppers and staff. Or, consider repackaging old content and putting it out into the world as a video. This often works perfectly, especially if the written version was a big hit. Once the overview is ready, pin it to the firm’s social media accounts so it’s the first thing people see when they land.

Provide A Demonstration

Never assume that followers and customers are 100% in the loop. Plenty of people are just on the bandwagon for a good time. Regarding using and understanding the product or service, they have zero expertise whatsoever. Still, companies release new items on a regular basis and hope that everyone recognizes the importance. When products are complicated, such as modern technology, this is a risk. The good news is that a video demonstration can eradicate the unknown. As long as the content is simple and easy to follow, people can watch and learn. Https:// is the perfect example of demonstrations. According to their research, four times as many people would rather watch a vid than read a post. In short, a video demonstration is an accessible way to boost traffic by 4x the usual rate. A clever move is to use before and after images to show the progression. Also, speak slowly and leave them plenty of time to listen and follow along with the instructions.

Give A How-To Lesson

In many ways, a how-to video is similar to a demonstration. The one main difference is that this is a clinic in problem-solving. Demos are usually basic vids that showcase the product and list its qualities. Let’s face facts and admit that releases aren’t always perfect. Some things will go wrong and customers will need advice on how to rectify the situation. Normally, they will prefer a refund depending on the context but a how-to video can save time and hassle. There is an unknown factor to consider, too. As a specialist, there are things you know which others don’t that may be useful. For instance, a realtor should be a master at showcasing a property to pique a buyer’s interest. In layman’s terms, you want to show people how to use your product in an exciting way which adds value. Please don’t forget about the basics, though. Https:// is a believer in developing an excellent script. After all, great writing is essential. Also, test the instructions before going live. There’s nothing as unprofessional as releasing how-to content that makes zero sense.

Prove Expertise

Leaders in the industry get to the top because of their reputation. Thanks to their expertise in the area, followers get behind them and trust their opinions. Think of investing tips from Warren Buffet, or how to send a Tesla into space advice from Elon Musk. They have proven they are thought leaders and that is why the majority of people listen when they speak. Scaling the ladder isn’t easy and takes a lot of time, which is why lots of companies don’t seem to invest in the process. However, it is possible to use a shortcut by monopolizing a niche subject. You will be the specialist because there is a lack of competition in the market, plain and simple. Consider for a moment. As a video marketing firm, they have to battle against a variety of rivals. But, they stand out from the rest by providing services that aren’t generalized, such as employee recognition. How many companies do you know that have expertise in this area? To build up ahead of steam, don’t be afraid to use other thought leaders to boost the brand. Mixing resources is a fantastic way for both parties to benefit.

Provide Answers With Q&A

One way to prove your credentials is with a question and answer session. Normally, a Q&A page is easy to find on a website, next to the “contact us” information. But, shows that two-fifths of people prefer a video version. Why? It’s because the written content is too static and rigid. So, both offer a solution to a problem, yet the video seems to be more popular. Therefore, it’s should be a no-brainer to pick the platform that eases fears and adds value. To ensure your Q&A session goes smoothly, it’s crucial that you address the pressing concerns. Of course, they won’t be the same every week, which is why companies should round-up the queries and complaints on a regular basis. A weekly vid is an excellent idea if you can stick to the timetable, but monthly works too. As long as there is information about the customers’ reservations, everything should be fine.

Make An Announcement

Something weird happens when you see or hear the term “breaking news.” Your mind drops everything else and concentrates on the words on the bottom of the screen. It’s as if nothing else matters but the next couple of sentences that come out of the newscaster’s mouth. People relate breaking news with things that shift society. Nowadays, it isn’t uncommon to flick on the TV and hear of a terrorist attack. As horrible as it is, stuff like this heighten a person’s sense of curiosity. Humans are too obsessed with the fear of missing out to turn the channel. The same thing applies to breaking news from a company or brand. The odds are high that is not going to be earth-shattering news, yet followers stand by regardless. And, thanks to social media, it’s not challenging to broadcast an announcement to millions of people remotely. So, it’s important to think about advertising special events, new promotions, and features or services to grab people’s attention. But, do it in a way that is exciting. Build up to the release of the video with a handful of strategic tweets and then put it out there for everyone to see.

Encourage Participation

Consuming content is a start but it isn’t the overall goal. The target for any business is to increase leads, conversions and sales. Marketing is the way to do this, yet audiences have to be proactive and not passive. Anyone who sees an ad and isn’t compelled to act is probably going to forget about the brand in a matter of seconds. Stickiness is imperative, and video marketing has the answer: participation. Https:// has tips if you’re interested, but the main one to remember is RSVP. The act of replying to an invite means the target audience has not only seen the content but liked it enough to respond. They engaged. The ramifications of this are pretty huge for businesses. By monitoring who answers and who doesn’t, and which content gets the most replies, you can gauge what subjects are the most effective. Typically, companies have to perform quantitative and qualitative research to obtain these results. Videos allow you to it with a handheld camera and basic editing tools. Oh, and strong calls to action which encourage viewers to be proactive.

Are you a video marketing novice? How do you plan to use this technique to boost the firm’s marketing plan?