When I review products I normally try to write something cool and interesting about them. Some kind of a story to “draw the readers in”.

In this case, there is no need. Viral Source is the best viral traffic app that I have seen, period. Everyone needs it. Affiliate marketers, CPA marketers, list builders, business owners. Everyone MUST be using Viral Source.

Here are the results that just ONE small test produced in 7 days:

VIral Source Review

Watch my review to see exactly how this app made $490 and collected 5,166 leads in just 7 days for an ad spend of $70

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Click Here On June 22nd @ 11am US EST To Get Earlybird Pricing and My DFY Bonus


Viral Source is a smart, next-generation content locker.

I wasn’t expecting much thinking “oh, another content locker, meh”. But after reviewing the app, plus the results it produces, I am very pleasantly surprised.

How does it work?

Viral Source lets you create campaigns which entice the user to take a particular action to get something. For example: get a 10% coupon, get a free download, enter the contest to win XYZ, etc.

Here is the outline of what the software lets you do:

  • Create a campaign
  • Use built-in template to create a nice-looking call to action (or create your own from scratch)
  • Enter the call to action (such as “get the xyz coupon” or “download this ebook” or “enter to win $100” etc)
  • Specify what you want the users to do:
    • Share on 1-4 Social Networks (you can specify how many networks to share on)
    • Tag FB Friends (which will send them notifications)
    • Sign Up With Facebook (which will pull in their Facebook email address and add to your autoresponder and to your FB Notifications list)
  • Once they take the action, they will be presented with the “unlocked” content

Here is a very simple example of “Share on 2 networks” implementation:


Here is what I liked:

  • Market-leading features. I have not seen anything like this before
  • Share on X social networks feature is very smart
  • Built in FB Sign Up and Notification technology is great, because FB notifications give sky-high clickthrough rates
  • Comes with full training


What I didn’t like:

  • Honestly I think that the built-in templates could have been slightly higher quality. They don’t look “Shiny”. But the good thing is that you can actually modify them to make them nice and appealing. In any case, it’s not a major problem because the app works fine without them.


The FE will be priced at $27 “Lite” version and $37 “PRO” version.

OTO’s / Upgrades

Here are some of the other things you will see in the funnel:

OTO 1 – Profit Maximizer $47

  • Couple extra “combo” features: “Tag + FB Sign Up” and “Share on 1-4 Social Networks + FB Sign Up”
  • Content Locker Pro Pack: Comes with 300+ importable graphical content locker for holidays

OTO 2 – Profit Accelerator $67

  • 10 DFY Campaigns­ 10 campaigns they can use with this software for ecommerce
  • Case Studies­ real results obtained using the software and can be used for replicating or seeing the viralsource system applied and getting results first hand

OTO 3 – Agency Rights $97- $197

Charge to create campaigns for people and will be able to add unlimited clients to our DB and will be able to add UNLIMITED Pro users under his/her agency (full access to use the software under their “agency”)

  • Basic package: 25 client licenses $97
  • Advanced: 50 client + 5 pro $167
  • Best package: Unlimited client + 50 pro $197

Click Here On June 22nd @ 11am US EST To Get Earlybird Pricing and My DFY Bonus

My Bonuses

When you pick this up through my link, here are the bonuses you get:

BONUS 1: List of 3 Profitable CPA Niches To Use Viral Source In

I will give you my own proven-to-work list of CPA niches where you can implement Viral Source quickly.

BONUS 2: Additional Bonuses given to me by the vendors

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Click Here On June 22nd @ 11am US EST To Get Earlybird Pricing and My DFY Bonus

How To Get The Bonus

After you purchase, please reply to the email that you got from me. Alternatively please contact me via the “Contact Us” page on my blog 🙂 I will get the bonuses over to you ASAP.

Questions or Comments?

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