We know that traffic is the biggest challenge for anyone trying to set up an online business. We also know that content is king, and to get lots of traffic, you need to produce lots of high quality content.

However, content creation takes time, right? Well, not necessarily. It turns out that you can use other people’s content to drive traffic to YOUR site.

You can take advantage of other people’s content going viral, all the while driving traffic to YOUR site, and generating results like this:


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I normally try to do a video review, but I went fishing today and got so sunburnt that I can barely type (let alone be on camera). So I will do my very best to do a high quality review of this software in writing.

This is a WordPress Plugin which allows you to place your Call To Action over the top of other people’s content.

What does this mean? Well, you can find a piece of high quality content online and share it on Facebook on your feed, or in Facebook Groups.

If the content is high quality, and sounds enticing, it will be likely to get clicks and traffic. If it is very good, then it is likely to get liked and shared by others, meaning even more traffic.

So how does this benefit you? That’s where this software comes in. You can overlay your call to action on top of this content and get clicks, sales or leads from this content.

Here is an example. Let’s say we find this cool article about the new Facebook Leads functionality:

It’s hosted on the Jon Loomer blog, which is very popular. And this post has already had 4,291 shares, which means that it’s at least somewhat viral, and is likely to get shared again.

You can use this software to encode this website in such a way that you can overlay your call to action on top of this content (affiliate link, optin page etc). You can program for it to come up a certain number of seconds later, let’s say after 20 seconds of someone viewing the page.

Here is how it will look:

Notice how this new box that has popped up contains a relevant offer. You can have your own bonus page, affiliate link or optin page come up, and you will benefit from any optins or sales that are made.

So what is the benefit? Well, here is how it can work:

  • You find a piece of viral content
  • Encode it with this software, and place your affiliate link or optin page over the top
  • Share this content online on Facebook Feed, or in Facebook Groups
  • Let it go viral and collect likes and shares
  • All traffic coming to the page will see your link or optin page, but they will think that it belongs to the site on which they currently are

The benefit is that you can post this link anywhere online, and once it gets likes and shares, you will get the benefit of viral traffic without having to create your own content.

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Click Here To Secure The Earlybird Discount + My Bonus Below

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