Would you like to go on a virtual reality experience in London that is a cut above the rest? Now you can explore the depths of the ocean, visit the grounds of a real castle, or fight off a zombie or two with your friends in a fully immersed yet completely virtual world.

You can book to experience virtual reality in the city whether you’re an office manager hoping to create a fun team building experience or a parent looking to plan your child’s birthday party.

Virtual reality experiences allow for multiplayers to be involved, with up to 5 players per session. This means you can get your friends to assist you on your next alien adventure or to fight off an upcoming zombie apocalypse. Children and teens are welcome too, but any children aged between 10-17 will normally need to be accompanied by an adult.

People who have epilepsy, are pregnant or have sight/hearing impairments are advised that they may not be suitable to participate in the games. They are welcome to enjoy food and drinks in the lounge area or visit the viewing area.

What can you expect during a session?

Your visit will begin with an introductory session or demo to get you acquainted with the process and how to use the equipment which usually features a headset. Once the headset is in place, you are virtually transported into a 3D world complete with surround sound and an impressive 360 degrees of vision. This will make you feel as if you are fully immersed in the experience and the real fun can begin.

If you’re new to virtual reality, think of it as having access to a computer-simulated 3D environment. You are met with a 360-degree view of the environment complete with images and audio and the ability to physically engage in it. This ability is all thanks to the headset you have to wear, as it helps to track your eye movement and adapts the 3D landscape to where your line of sight is.

There are different virtual reality experiences to enjoy, and you may have the choice between Overrun or Overrun Stage 2 where you will work together to survive an onslaught of zombies, or you can share an alliance by joining Strike Team Delta to combat an extraterrestrial invasion. For a family-friendly adventure there may also be the option to experience ToonStrike which is ideal for all ages.

Celebrate your birthday or enjoy team building in style

For standard virtual reality sessions there is usually a limit of up to 5 people per session, but did you know that for birthday parties there may be an exception? Sometimes you’re able to invite up to 20 people as part of your celebration and there is unlimited access to the demo area, which means that you can familiarise yourself as much as you want before starting your adventure. While some of your friends enjoy a session there is the option to visit the venue’s lounge which is normally equipped with a viewing area so you can watch participants complete their mission. There is also often the opportunity to play table games including football and pool and there may also be a quiz or games machine.