The internet has revolutionised the business world in more ways than you could name. Whereas all job roles, with precious few exceptions, could only be done from certain predetermined locations, today, digital nomads — web-based freelancers and entrepreneurs who have the luxury of being completely location-independent in their working arrangements — are able to roam the world on permanent “working vacation.”

Whereas researching a complex subject used to require a visit to a specialist library or archive, much of this information can now be obtained via the web, without you having to so much as walk away from your desk.

In this new digital world of work, it would be foolish for an entrepreneur to pass up any of the new tools at their disposal for becoming as successful as possible at their chosen career.

Here are some ways that various virtual services can help your business.

A virtual address can help boost your brand professionalism

A major part of the job description of any entrepreneur or web-based worker, is to win the trust of potential clients and prospects, and to be whatever is necessary to develop a professional brand, which conveys a sense of gravitas and reputability.

The simple truth of the matter is that anyone can set up a website today, and many scammers can use that to their advantage. You need to take steps to distinguish yourself from those people, and send a clear message that you’re not just someone who created a website over the weekend and is trying to reel in the suckers.

A virtual business address is one of the services that can help you here. A good virtual business address will give you a physical address to use on your marketing materials, and may even include a virtual mailbox as well.

A virtual assistant can help to handle some of the busywork

The idea of virtual assistants hit the awareness of many entrepreneurs with the release of Tim Ferriss’ bestselling book “The 4-Hour Work Week”, in which the author mentions, among other things, that he has used virtual assistants to do everything from conducting research for his business, to arranging the details of his vacations for him.

Whatever job you have — whether you’re a writer, a graphic designer, or an affiliate marketer — you’re going to find that there is a virtually unlimited amount of “busywork” that can get in the way of your overall productivity.

A virtual assistant might help you to deal with those dull but necessary chores, and free up more of your time for the important stuff.

A virtual telephone line can help to maintain the division between work and private life

Maintaining work-life balance is often a difficult and daunting task for any entrepreneur, and so, using whatever tools and methods you can in order to improve that balance is ideal.

For many solopreneurs — that is, entrepreneurs who are the only people involved in the running of the business — it’s common practice to include their own private phone numbers on their marketing materials.

Needless to say, getting business calls at 3:00 am is bad for work-life balance.

Virtual telephone lines — such as using a Skype number for work — can rectify this issue.