When you are the person who is looking for a job, you look for the job with the right salary and the right reputation and the right perks that work for you. The perks that an employer offers has a huge bearing on whether or not you decide to go for a job in the first place, thus, employee benefits are a big deal.

When you are the employer and you are trying to attract the right talent, benefits are extremely important. It’s not enough to have a good salary offering. You need to be able to knock the socks off the talent that you are hoping to attract. The benefits that you offer to your staff should be outside the salary and the hours that you offer, and they should be there to entice people to want to apply to be with your company. You need to think about the type of employee that you want to hire, and you need to angle your benefit offerings toward them, to ensure that your hook is well oiled for the right people. For example, if you are hoping to offer a role to those who are leaving service, then having the right VA benefits will be good for your business. If you are trying to bring in an expert in a very niche field, you will need to think about whether you can offer remote working so that you can allow the right talent to come out of the woodwork globally.

The key is getting to know your employees. Bringing people on board and discussing benefits in interview is going to help you to do much better for your company. The only way that you can understand what benefits that your employees appreciate is very simple: you need to ask. Asking directly can help you to tailor individual packages for your staff and make you a much better employer. In the same way that people don’t learn in the exact same fashion, they don’t enjoy perks in the same fashion. What means something to one person means nothing to another, and it’s important for you to recognise this from day one. You not only will garner better employees, you’ll also gain loyalty from them. When people hear about the fact that you care enough about your employees to ask them their opinion on their own perks, you’ll have resumes piling up at the door.

Some of the perks that you can think about offering include a thorough health program from gym membership to stellar health insurance, working from home to cultivate a balance and a cash bonus package that goes beyond the targets that are hit. It’s up to you to choose the perks that you want for your staff, sure, but you should give them options and allow people to pick and mix their choices for themselves. You’re going to have a far better, stronger workforce this way and you won’t regret giving people the chance to feel satisfied at work.