Since the pandemic, many of us have had to move from working in the office to basing our work at home. Working from home is something that can be a great idea for the future and in fact many companies have decided not to move back into the office even after the restrictions have been lifted.

If you are considering whether or not to work from home in the future, we want to show you some of the best reasons why this can be a great idea. Working at home can be freeing, and once you do it it might be hard to ever want to go back to working in an office environment.

No more sleepy starts

The first and most beneficial part of working at home is that you’ll get extra time in bed to sleep. Instead of waking up at 6am and rushing downstairs to get ready for the morning commute, you can instead sleep in for a little longer and get up when you are ready to start the day. Working at home is much more flexible and many who do work at home don’t even start the day in the morning. By changing your schedule and working when you feel more productive, even if that’s in the afternoon or evening, you’ll create a better work life balance as well as be happier.

Start your day with a workout

Working out is so important to keep yourself healthy and fit, but when you work full time in the office it can be hard to find the right time for a workout. When working at home, you can wake up early if you wish and start your day with an at home workout in front of the TV. Even just 15-20 minutes of activity will get your heart rate up and help to fuel your brain with endorphins and adrenaline for the day ahead.

Avoid that awkward commute

No one likes being stuck in traffic, and you’ll be glad to know that the closest thing you’ll get to traffic at home is waiting for someone to get out of the bathroom. Instead of being stuck in traffic every morning worrying if you’ll be late for work, instead enjoy the silence at home as you have your morning coffee and prepare for the day ahead.

Access useful remote tools

One of the great things you will gain access to when working at home is a myriad of remote working tools such as cloud services, managed it services, and even online work scheduling. There are so many brilliant tools out there to try and when working at home you can create a working environment that is just as impressive as the office with all the home comforts.

Work in your pjs!

One of the best reasons to work from home is that you don’t have to wear uncomfortable heels or trousers in the summer time, and instead you can work in whatever you are comfortable in. Wear pjs, sports wear, or anything you fancy!