Hey guys, today I am doing a review of “WP Traffic Up”. It’s one of the smartest exit pop software I have seen so far. And I think it’s really going to help you.

As you know, you need to be using exit technology on your site. But there is a big problem with it. 92% of people surfing online use the most common, big name browsers. And just recently, these browsers made changes to the way the popup messages work.

These changes mean that traditional exit popups no longer work. And this plugin here is priced at only $9.95 and it’s going to help you recapture all this lost traffic.

Watch this video to see how this plugin can help you recapture 92% of the exit traffic:

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Click here at 10am US EST on Sep 16 To Lock In Earlybird Price + My Exclusive Bonus

Going Live In…

WP Traffic Up Review and Overview

If you’re not using exit popups / exit technology on your site, you’re losing money. Most of the people who view your site are not going to take the action you want them to take (buy, optin etc).

What is an exit popup? If you haven’t used it before – it’s those “offers” that come up when you’re trying to exit the site. For example “Learn 10 ways to get traffic to your blog” etc.

There are 2 types of those popups:

  • Simple popups that just display a message like “Get $5 discount if you click Stay”
  • and Exit intent popups which trigger when a person is hovering in the area near the “close” button of the browser page

There is a huge problem with the current simple Popups. As of recently, Google and Chrome have changed the standard popup message to just say “Are you sure you want to leave your site”? You can’t customize that text anymore. So simple popups are pretty much useless.

For the more complicated exit intent popups, there are expensive solutions out there (like Optin Monster or Optin Ninja) which use the predictive “exit intent” technology to predict the exact moment when your visitor is about to close the page, and which show custom HTML or custom box to your visitors.

This is exactly what WP Traffic Up can do for you. It uses that same exit intent technology. But it’s also a WordPress plugin (not web-based) which makes it super-easy to implement on your WordPress site. And it has some cool options that other solutions. And it’s cheap ($9.95).

Here is what it can do:

  • You activate it on any page or post
  • You specify the URL of the page you want to show to people exiting your site (can be optin page, affiliate link, sales page, anything)
  • Visitor scrolls up to close the page they’re browsing
  • WP Traffic Up will display a cool overlay showing that URL you specified (it’s almost like it pops up instantly, there is no loading as such)
  • You have 9 transition animation effects
  • Comes with 2 loading animation effects
  • Installs in seconds
  • And more…

To see how it works, try to exit this page (you need to be on desktop, doesn’t work on iPhone / iPad).

Click here at 10am US EST on Sep 16 To Lock In Earlybird Price + My Exclusive Bonus


It’s going to be just $9.95 when it goes live. Extremely cheap price for this quality software.

My Exclusive Bonuses

I have an exclusive bonus from the product creators.

Bonus 1: Collection of 650+ IM Graphics

I use these graphics myself all the time. It includes arrows, bullets, banners, ecovers, lots of high quality stuff that every IM-er needs 🙂

Some Additional Bonuses:

Click here at 10am US EST on Sep 16 To Lock In Earlybird Price + My Exclusive Bonus


How To Get The Bonus

After you purchase, please reply to the email that you got from me with the receipt from JVZoo. Alternatively please contact me via the “Contact Us” page on my blog 🙂 I will get the bonuses over to you ASAP.

Questions or Comments?

I love hearing from you guys, so please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.


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        What looks banned? My video? I don’t believe so, I have just checked and it’s definitely still available on YouTube: https://youtu.be/B_7kd4ZbHSg

        If there is anything else I can help with, please let me know. Cheers

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