When it comes to running a business these days, if doesn’t necessarily matter if you have a shop or business location, a business can work from home, from your computer thanks to your digital storefront. Your website. Even if people pass a shop, they don’t have time to walk in, so they mentally make a note of the name or business and then google it at home. Hoping to stumble across the website and perhaps an online shopping facility. It is the way that so many people shop or order things these days. But I’d your business up to scratch? Here are some of the things to consid

Keywords and SEO

The wording on your website not only has the importance of keeping your clients and customers informed and aware, but it can also do another more hidden job that can help bring traffic to your website. How you use keywords and opt, Mike your sight for search engines can help[ your website be presented in the results of different searched done online. If this is something you are unsure of, a Freelance SEO Consultant could be a worthwhile investment to consider. It may certainly help you to enable your website to keeping working hard for you at any stage of the day or night without input from yourself.

Page loading times

In this day and age of speedy internet access and information just being there, we expect that websites can load up fast and give us the information we need right away. However, your website may take time to load up, and this could be down to the image sizes or the coding behind your websites output. Ensure that your website is speedy, as people can get bored and click on to the next option.

The branding

Your brand needs to be evident on your website and stand out, so take time to think about the colour choices, the position of the logo and your business strapline. You want these things to be memorable, so that people recognise your business, or remember it to go back to in the future. Make sure that this is consistent in other forms of your digital presence such as your social media platforms.

Think about the quality of images

Sometimes it isn’t just the words that you need ot consider with your website, you also need to take into account that the quality of the images is there. Many people are visualise things easier when the see images, and so having the right sort of quality and sharpness to the image, without it affecting your loading speed, will be essential.

Has it got the right information?

Finally, does your website hold the right information, the lashes stock quality and pricing structures? The last thing you want is the wrong information being given, as this can cause issues when it comes to customer service. Regular checks of the wording and the things on your website will help you avoid this problem in the future.

Let’s hope these tips help you to make the most of your digital store.